Clay Aiken -Just For Fun Answers.

How many of the pictures from the Saturday  Just For Fun article did you recognize?  Probably most of you knew the pictures.  But, for those who had trouble, here are the answers.

1.  Zootopia on 6/1/03.  It was in East Rutherford, NY.

2.  Days of Our Lives on TV.  It was shown on 12/22/06

3.  Roast for Matt Lauer at Friar’s Club in NY.   10/24/08

4.  TRL on TV  It was 10/14/03

5.  The Ivy Restaurant in Los Angeles.  I do not have the exact date, but it was right after Clay bought his VOLVO in 2003.

6.  Tour of his house in LA.  This was tagged incorrectly so just today I am looking for more information.

7.  AFI Screen Education Center Press event – Washington D.C.  on 7/29/03

8.  Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet   Las Vegas  12/10/03

9.  Backstage on Tour at Ohio State Fair   8/9/05

These pictures are fun to see again.  Would you like a “round 2” in a few weeks?  Let us know.

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  1. I’m all for round 2!!!! can you include Picture #7 again? or maybe the one where he’s asleep on the couch in the Senator’s office (I love that one too)

    Thanks for the fun!!!!

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