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CNN has a program called People In The News.  On March 14, 2004, they featured Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard in the 60 minute program.

The program follows Clay and Ruben as they made their way through American Idol and into the world of pop music stardom.  There are interesting comments by both Ruben and Clay about their time on American Idol and their motivation to try-out.

As this is an expose on the making of popstars, it is interesting to hear the comments by the 19 spokesperson and RCA’s Clive Davis.  They both made a point of saying that both stars were not what the world saw as pop stars.  One can only imagine how shocked they were to see both Clay and Ruben become big stars in the recording industry.

Although there are many fans who might be “put off” by watching some of the RCA comments, the show is very interesting and should be viewed by Clay fans.  What the fans now know about Clay’s career with RCA can put a complete new perspective on what we see and hear on the videos.

The program has been captured in 4 videos.  ENJOY!!





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  1. I really enjoyed those videos! I love to hear Clay talk and laugh! I believe he has really been through a struggle the past few years with his image and I hope that he can move on and just record more music with that glorious voice! He does not fit into an image of anyone else, but himself! They broke the mold when they made Clay Aiken! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting these videos. I loved watching them again.

    I haven’t said it often enough, but you all do such a wonderful job on this site.

    Thank you.

  3. This was so great to watch…I love this stuff….

    Clay sure has been through a lot, and I am forever thankful that he can live his life, as he everyone should…being true to themselves…I am so proud of him…. It has not been an easy road…

    Now we can get to the real Clay…great singer, entertainer, all around great guy… The best is definately to come….and I can’t wait… No one sings like Clay…which is great…He is absolutely wonderful.

    Thanks CANN for bringing these over…It’s so informative.


  4. I love Clay’s comment about Simon saying he preferred him with his eyes closed! He prefers Simon with his mouth closed! LOL

  5. It’s kind of interesting seeing those interviews this many years later. I think the exec’s didn’t (and still don’t) realize that people may actually care about whether someone can actually sing.

  6. I had not ever seen these videos that I remember. Thanks so much for posting them, it was wonderful to watch them.

  7. I don’t remember ever seeing these video’s before, but they were sure interesting. Although, now, if Simon said he preferred to see Clay with his eyes closed…Clay would tell him that he could kiss his foot! You go Clay!!

  8. Thanks for the videos. They were a first time view for me. I never understood the comparison of Clay to Barry Manilow. Their styles seem so much different. Clay is much less frantic and his voice is smoother, more controlled and easier on the ears. Actually, Clay’s voice is positively spectular!

  9. Loved this!! Hadn’t seen it in a long time. One quote stands out, “Making superstars out of the ordinary.” They got that wrong–Clay never was ‘ordinary.’ That man is extraordinary in every way.

  10. I loved watching these videos again. I love listening to Clay talk and even after all these years RCA still didn’t know what to do with him and thank you Clay for not changing and giving in to them. Their loss. The best is yet to come.

  11. It has been at least three years since I watched this. Thank you so much for posting. Clive Davis from the very beginning wanted Clay to be Barry Manilow part 2. They limited him and his potential. FURCA.

  12. Wow i’ve never seen these before!

    I loved watching all the videos and thank you so much for posting them up.

    Awesome job with this site. Thank you to everyone who work on this site 🙂

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