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The Way

The Way

March 3, 2004………..Clay Aiken visited Total Request Live, a program on MTV that featured Music videos.  After a short interview with Clay, the program presented the World Premiere of The Way Video.  Take a look.  It is said that Clay worked hard to make sure that this video presented “real” people in a loving way.  Thank you, Clay, for wanting a true love story.  It is a great video.

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -The Way

  1. Thanks again for bringing that video over again…I haven’t seen it in years, and it really is great… I do remember Clay in an interview saying he wanted just real people in the video.


  2. I love the story behind this video (almost as much as I love the video). Leave it to Clay to want to make a statement, even with something as “small” as a music video.

    Amazing voice, amazing talent and an amazing man.

  3. I love everything about The Way, the video, and especially the man who sings it! I miss him terribly!

  4. I’ve always loved this video. Bravo Clay for insisting on using average people and not beauty contestants.

  5. I haven’t seen this video in a long time. Its a lovely video…and also one of my favorite songs from the MOAM Album.

  6. One of my favorite Clay songs ever! A shame it never was played on the radio. I remember at a Christmas Dance a couple of years ago, I requested a Clay song and they played “The Way”, my boyfriend said “this is really a beautiful song!” He had never heard it, like the rest of the world, except on MTV!

    Thanks again and again for a great site!

  7. I agree that this song should have been promoted more–of course we can say that about all Clay Aiken songs. I enjoyed seeing the video again.

  8. I love the song and the video. I hope Clay Aiken makes more videos in the future when he comes out with his new music. There is nothing like that voice.

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