Clay and Jennifer Made the Wildcard a Success

Clay Aiken-WIldcard Show

Clay Aiken-Wildcard Show

American Idol…… it or hate it, it has become a huge phenomenon in the entertainment field.  Although the viewer count is down this year, the show still is able to rope in many people to watch “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Thursday, March 5th, Idol will be giving some of their contestants a hope for a second chance………the wildcard show.

The wildcard show is an attempt to recapture the magic of the second and third seasons.  Some of the best known and loved contestants emerged during the wildcard rounds, and the viewership was at its peak.  Two of the most famous wildcard contestants are Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson - Wildcard SHow

Jennifer Hudson - Wildcard SHow

In Season 8, who gets into the wildcard show?  The producers have been rather vague about the details, but over the week-end, some information surfaced.  After the results show on Wednesday, all four judges will pick 2 contestants from the top 36.  They also may throw in an extra contestant so that the number of Wildcard singers will be between 8 or 9.  The producers made it clear that the audience should make no assumptions as to who will make the final round.  It could be anyone, even people who did not make the Top 36 the first time around.

Will you be watching on Thursday?  Do you have your favorites for the Wildcard round?  American Idol is counting on you to watch and they are hoping the mystery of the contestants will bring back some of the excitement of the past seasons.

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22 thoughts on “Clay and Jennifer Made the Wildcard a Success

  1. The wildcard show was where I finally became hooked on Clay Aiken! BTW I didn’t see where to put this comment, but I LOVE the featured video: These Open Arms. Yum!

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  2. 🙂 I guess I’m unamerican – I stopped watching American Idol three years ago (Season 5). BUT I have very fond memories of the wildcard round! It lent such excitement to both Season 2 and Season 3, I’m sure that it will do the same for this season!

    Good luck to all contestants and I hope you SHINE!!!

  3. Yes there definitely was magic in the air for the Wildcard shows – both years that they had it made the show more exciting. I must say that I preferred that the American audience had a say in who got voted in though. We’ll see what Thursday brings!!!!

  4. That was the night that I first watched American Idol. There was so much hype about it I had to see for myself and the rest is history for me. Clay captured my heart that night.

  5. I missed the Wildcard performance because of a trip to the emergency room with a family member. When I got home I heard nothing but how great this guy was and I just had to see him! I finally saw him and have been hooked ever since.

  6. They can have as many wildcards as they want, but they will never have a season as exciting as Season 2 with Clay and Ruben. That season would have been far less exciting if Clay hadn’t been selected in the wildcard round. The Clay/Ruben season is what set AI on fire. They have tried to have an exciting ending ever since and haven’t been able to replicate it no matter how much they hype it.

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if they brought back Clay for this……?????

    I don’t watch AI anymore.. Just can’t be bothered…but if I knew Clay was going to make an couldn’t pull me away from the TV…..


  8. American Idol has lost it’s magic for me, but I’ll always be thankful that it brought us Clay Aiken! Try as they might, they will never repeat the excitement of Season 2!

  9. I am glad they are bring the Wildcard back. It gave us Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson, two very successfull artists.

  10. I was so excited that Clay made it through. He was magic and still is. There is no one who can mesmerize an audience like Clay Aiken. I don’t remember Jennifer being a wild card, but she was my favorite on Season 3 and I never understood why she was gone so early in the season. I’m glad that she has gone on and been very successful.

    Season 2 will never be repeated, it was pure magic.

  11. Thank heavens for the Wildcard, or we wouldn’t have Clay and Jennifer–two of the most talented people to come from AI.

    Have to agree–the magic of AI2 will never be duplicated no matter how hard they try.

    Don’t watch AI now–Idol found–game over!!!

  12. Clay and Jennifer should never have been wild cards in the first place. Part of the reason people were hooked on watching Idol was that these people could have been your neighbors trying to make it without the connections. It’s not the same anymore even if they bring the wildcard back. There are some like the old days and those that look too “seasoned”.

  13. Clay was in the toughest group for season 2 and thank God for the Wildcard show. It actually was a blessing for us since we got to hear Clay sing one more time.

  14. I love watching the wildcard performance of Clay Aiken singing Elton John’s Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. That is the way it should be sung.

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