Clay Aiken at “Night at the Tavern”

When we get some more pictures and reports, we will post them in another blog!!

We hope to bring you up-to-date reports and pictures from the Family Equality Council’s Night at the Tavern.

“The place is beautiful. No Clay yet, but I got a picture of the life sized Clay poster!!” from mustbeme at 6:28

bigappleforclay: He just walked in wearing gray jacket with black velvet collar… white shirt and glasses. He was by himself, walking with a hostess. (or at least she doesn’t see anyone else yet) Jerome is there also. Kind of reddish spikey hair.

The council board members all had their pictures taken with Clay…….from mustbeme at 6:49

Jess just called. She said it is VERY crowded.

The press are there – TV cameras!!!!

Also the life sized posted on auction is from the front of the Schubert – $1,000 opening bid.

He just walked in. He was interviewed out in the hallway before he came in. He looks so good!! Mustbeme at 7:35pm

Part of Terry Boggis’ speech:

I believe she’s talking about the White House Easter egg hunt?
But she talked about the way the children’s faces fell when one woman went on a rant about the same sex families who were there.

She said as much progress as we have, this is what makes her do the work she does.
That she never wants to see that look on a child’s face.

Clay is talking so much, I don’t know how he can eat ……..from mustbeme at 8:55pm

His award should be soon looks like they are saving him for last from mustbeme at9:04pm

Clay is talking to B.D. Wong the actor.

It was just announced that they surpassed the matching donations…more than $100,000 was donated from people in the room in the room.

This was part of the introduction via the OFC:

great privilege and honor to introduce the next honoree…platinum recording artist, NYT best selling artist, touring…

all incredible things…we are honoring him….he was a special education teacher…undying commitment to children…shown time and time again…TBAF and UNICEf….reason for honoring…2008…became a father…and he did the most important thing that any GLBT can do, he told the truth about he was, he showed his son to live a life that is proud and truthful is the only way to live…and for that is why we are honoring him…

Clay’s being introduced!

Really nice applause — and MUCH screaming.

I think he just made a joke about it.

He’s saying he doesn’t really belong there because he doesn’t “do the hard work.” “I’ve only been doing it for 8 1/2 months. The most important work is being done by people in this room who’ve been doing it for years.”

He said he didn’t write anything down.

Equating the gay rights movement with the civil rights movements. Just as white people joined the movement to work alongside blacks for civil rights, heterosexuals are beginning to stand with those fighting for gay rights.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken at “Night at the Tavern”

  1. You guys are amazing!! How awesome to see a picture of that beautiful man just minutes after it was taken.

    I am so proud of him.

    Cannot wait to hear more about the evening and to see more pictures.

  2. I love this site. Thanks for the up to the minute reporting.
    The pictures are wonderful, Clay looks so good.

  3. Wow!!!Clay looks gorgeous and happy!

    It’s really good to see him again.

    you guys are great here.

  4. Clay looks great, and it looks like the swelling has gone down around his jaw…It sure looks like he is doing ok.

    What a wonderful and exciting evening for Clay…I am so proud of him… He really is making a difference in the world….Just like he said he would.


  5. I couldn’t be happier for him if he was my own son. He looks wonderful and happy. I’m so proud of him.

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