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As Jay Leno is coming to the end of his long run as host of The Tonight Show, it seems appropriate to remember the six visits that Clay Aiken made to the show.

Clay first visited with Jay on October 13, 2003, just a day before the drop of his first album, Measure of a Man.

Six pictures of the Tonight Show visits have been chosen.  Please vote and let us know which picture is your favorite.  Then, if you can, take a moment and let us know what made you pick your favorite.  Have fun.













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  1. I loved how Clay looked on this visit to Leno. He looks so sexy and the way he sang Without You, was so beautiful. Always loved the way he sang that song…especially in concert. He knocks it out of the ball park.

  2. I loved Clay everytime on Leno… But that suit in #6….was perfection…. My..he looked so handsome.. everytime he goes on there, he wears a suit jacket… I did love the #2 performance of “Solitaire” though… sorry…going off track…just going down memory lane myself….

    gosh…I love this man….


  3. I loved the way he looked in #3 – love the glasses and the natural red hair color. He is such a beautiful person, inside and out.

  4. I really like 1,2,5,and 6. But I remember thoroughly enjoying each visit Clay made to Leno.

  5. Hoping Clay will be a guest in the near future. Jay always seems to like Clay, but then still does the school boy cheap jokes.

  6. Love the handsome man in #2 and #6, also the funny guy in #1, #3, and #4, and the man who always gives his time to charity in #5. Love that Clay Aiken!!

  7. I chose the last one because I love Clay in a suit and that was my favorite hair style, but not only that, he looks mature, and self confident.

  8. Loved all the looks and all the appearances. Each time he was on, I taped it and watched over and over.

    My favorite appearance was number two when he talked about “skipping to the front of the line” at the DMV. And I still remember him looking directly into the camera when he sang “The Way,” I just melted on the spot.

  9. Oh good *g* do I have to actually choose ONE?
    Should have had “all of the above” too.

  10. I loved all of his appearances on Leno, but voted for #6 because he just looked so gorgeous in that suit!

    I just absolutely love that man!!

  11. I love #6 because he looks so wonderful and
    sexy and I love the longer hair. Love the
    other looks but this is my fav.

  12. They’re all good, but #6 was my all-time favorite Clay look…….love the stubbly scruff!!

  13. I also Love #6. The hair the suit, and of course the song without you. One of my favorites. Lets see some more of Clay.

  14. I love pic #6. Loved the suit, loved the longish hair, the stubble, he looked so hawt-just kill me now!

  15. Love how in the interview during #2, Jay told Clay how he ranked 3rd in the Glamour poll of “Which celeb would you like to take a bath with?” after Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and Clay cracked up.

  16. I love them all but since I had to choose, I love Clay’s look in #2…the hand on the stomach and the closed eyes doing what he does best! #6 would be my second choice because he just oozes the suit and hair!

  17. I normally don’t like Clay in white but this suit (#2) was perfection. Love the hair style in #6 and the suit in #2 so I went with #2.

  18. For all that are wondering………..yes, the last visit to Leno is not on here. I was planning on featuring this visit later in the week when we have a down day. Blond, happy Clay who almost said too much about Jack Black’s baby!! Yes, pretty special!!!

  19. If I can only pick one it will HAVE to be #2!! Researched my “special Appearances” file, & found that this was when he was about to set out on tour with Kelly Clarkson. He sang “The Way” & nailed it!!! I agree with RIFAN! Loved the DMV picture story he told Jay. January 21, 2004!!! # 6 comes in a close second place!! LOVE THIS MAN, Always & Forever!

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