Clay Aiken Receives the Equality Circle Award

On April 21, 2009, Clay Aiken received the Equality Circle Award from the Family Equality Council.    At a special awards dinner called Night at the Tavern, Clay thanked the group and said that the award belonged to everyone in the room.  He also suggested that it was important for straight people to speak up as much as people in the gay community.

bigappleforclay has a wonderful video of the night that she is sharing.  We all thank her for this quick look at Clay last night.


mustbeme has shared two more videos with us.  The first is of Clay arriving at the restaurant and the second is the introduction of Clay and his speech.



As we get more “CLACK”, we will post it so that you can share in the fun.

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Receives the Equality Circle Award

  1. The best part of this whole thing for me is that… the speech THE ADORABLE ACCENT IS BACK!!!!! A lot of it was garbled on my computer, but I could hear the accent. Anybody get it transcribed?????

  2. Amazing how powerful a short speech can be when spoken from the heart. Congratulations to FEC on recognizing Clay.

  3. What an honor for Clay! I’m so proud of him! Thanks to those who provided updates as the evening progressed and those who taped it so we could see it too!

  4. It was a great day for Clay and his fans… thank you so much for putting it all together for us to enjoy in one handy dandy place!!!!

  5. I have learned so much from Clay Aiken and last night was another memorable teaching moment. Thank you CANN, Family Equality Council, and Clay Aiken.

  6. I am so very proud of Clay for receiving this award. Last night was an exciting and educational night for me..and I enjoyed it tremendously. Bravo Clay!!

  7. An amazing honor for Clay to receive from FEC! As always, he was very humble in his acceptance making sure to recognize the many that have been in the fight for equality for so many years. He is a very inspirational speaker!

  8. Thanks for the videos here, it’s nice to be able to share at least a little bit of seeing Clay receive this award. How wonderful that the FEC choose to honor Clay and he speaks so well!

  9. CANN.. Thank you so much for putting all the videos from last night in one spot….Great Coverage!!!!

    I could not be more proud of Clay. The more I hear his speach about being proud of himself…the more I can see why he put his announcement on the cover of People.. He is proud to be a gay dad…there is nothing wrong with that…there really isn’t.. Such a brave man to risk everything…. It sure was a fun evening last night hearing all the reports and getting pics and videos…. My heart just swells for this man…I absolutely adore him.


  10. I’m so happy for Clay having been chosen to receive this honor. He is a man of integrity who uses his fame to teach the world about love and inclusion and acceptance. Thank you for posting the videos of his acceptance speech!

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