Clay Aiken – Memories and Lots of Hope

It all started last night with a question…..and that question brought on more questions, speculation, memories and lots of hope.

Clay Aiken asked a simple question on his Official Fan Club. He wanted to know if anyone had a good quality video of his Joyful Noise Tour, 2005.  He was requesting a video that showed the entire show, not just close-ups.  He wanted mostly wide shots of all the action on the stage.  He asked that if anyone had a video like that to please PM him at the OFC.

The boards started buzzing.  Why does he want it?  Is it for himself or for someone else?  Then the speculation started….maybe he is going to do a Holiday Tour…….maybe he is going to do a TV Special…….maybe there will be a DVD!!  Yes, Clay fans are good at speculation!!

For me, the question brought back fond memories and some hope.  I was lucky enough to see the program twice.  The first time was in Eugene, Oregon.  I took my niece and her 6 year old daughter to the concert.  It was Cassidy’s first adult concert and she loved it.  After the opening scene with the snow, Clay made a comment to the audience that to top this, next year he would have to fly in.  Cassidy informed us that we had to come next year to see Clay fly.

My niece is going through a difficult time health-wise right now.  My hope is that next Christmas the three of us will get to see Clay fly!

I can’t think of anything better than to share some pictures and a video of  The Joyful Noise Tour, 2005.  Thank you, Clay for the great blog idea.


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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Memories and Lots of Hope

  1. 🙁 I missed out seeing that tour live, but I just love all the photos and videos that are out there!!! Clay Aiken knows how to get us (and keep us) hopping, doesn’t he???

  2. I LOVED this concert–was so proud of Clay for coming up with such a beautiful idea and involving so many people in it.

    We had to drive through a blizzard that just about closed down the state earlier in the day to get there. I thought there would be lots of empty seats because of the horrible weather, but the place was full.

    Thanks for posting this!

    PS I bet he is going to give this DVD as a gift. Remember the St. Paul tickets?

  3. Thanks for the memories! I loved this tour! I saw it in Kansas City! Clay is larger than life on that stage and you can’t take your eyes off of him! His voice is made for Christmas music! Celebrate Me Home was wonderful…but, so was every other song he sang! Loved it…and him! 😉

  4. If Clay went to the Clack Unlimited site, I’m sure he discovered how serious about Clack we are. We are Clay Aikens fans and have the Clack to prove it!!

  5. That WAS a wonderful show. It was so fun to see how much Cassidy enjoyed it. Thanks for taking us!

  6. Thank you so much for updating this blog with positive stuff. 🙂
    I asked my sister today “Is it normal to want X-mas on the 30th of May”
    She replied: “Have you been listening to Clay again???” 🙂

  7. Loved this particular tour.Me and my daughter and granddaughter went to see it at The King Center in Melbourne, Fla. I just loved the story line and of course all the songs. Nobody can sing “Celebrate Me Home” like Clay can. I am so hoping maybe he could be planning another Christmas Tour this year. We would be there in a minute.

  8. No matter what anyone thought or said about the play part of this concert, the vocals cannot be faulted. Clay’s beautiful voice is perfect for Christmas songs. I’m happy I was able to go to this concert. Celebrate Me Home and The First Noel were two of my favorite songs from this tour.

  9. I loved seeing all of the videos of this tour.
    Celebrate Me Home gave me chills the first time I heard him sing it and the first time he sang O Come O Come Emmanuel – Oh my…………..

  10. Lots to speculate about huh? It sure was fun last night, and Clay got to ask us something…..Love it…

    I loved this Christmas concert…I love how Clay always tries to change the theme each year…to keep it fresh and alive…. Christmas and Clay..just go together….and I love “Give it half a chance” What a lovely sweet song…it just touches your heart…”Celebrate Me Home”..well…what can I say about that???? Wow… Every song is just wonderful….. Great memories…


  11. musicfan, I share the same hope for your family.

    Here’s another possibility to consider. Could Clay be thinking of trying to get his Christmas play on Broadway like they did with White Christmas last year? Probably not, but it’s fun to think of all the possible reasons Clay wants a copy of the show.

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