Is It Clay Aiken?

He’s a man who became a household name because he was on a primetime television show……..he starred on Broadway as the cowardly Sir Robin in Spamalot……..he covets his privacy and when asked in interviews, is not afraid to say it is not any ones business……he never talked about his sexuality until the press made it impossible to ignore…….he is involved in a charity that is close to his heart.

Does that sound like someone you know?  Probably, but it is NOT Clay Aiken!

The words above are describing the talented David Hyde Pierce.

David Hyde Pierce was born in Saratoga Springs, New York. In high school, he received the Yaddo Medal as best dramatic arts student when he graduated in 1977.  Pierce then went to Yale and graduated with a double major in English and theater arts.

In 1981, David went to New York City and quickly got a job selling ties in Bloomingdale’s while continuing his studies in acting. He landed his first professional acting job in Beyond Therapy on Broadway, followed by stints off-Broadway and in regional theater. Between 1983 and 1985, he worked in various productions at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis before returning to appear in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of Hamlet.

A big break came for David when he appeared on Broadway for six months in The Heidi Chronicles, earning him the attention of the media and his peers. More feature roles followed in such films as Little Man Tate and The Fisher King.

It was after the filming of Sleepless in Seattle that Pierce got his biggest break. He received his initial interview with the creators of Frasier due to his close resemblance to Kelsey Grammar.  After the interview, the part of Dr. Niles Crane was written for him.

Pierce was nominated for an Emmy as Best Supporting Actor for a record eleven consecutive years for his role of Niles Crane. He won four times in 1995, 1998, 1999 and 2004. It was rumored that Pierce was paid up to 1 million dollars per episode.

In 2005, David starred as Sir Robin in Spamalot, joining a cast that was filled with some of the best British comedians around. Because David had trained for many years to be a concert pianist, he brought a bit of class to the piano scene in the musical; however, his singing voice was not as strong as his keyboard skills.

Since Spamalot, David has starred in Curtains on Broadway and won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. In 2007, David was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Niagara University.  Currently, David is back on Broadway in the play, Accent On Youth.

Pierce is the co-chairman of the Alzheimer’s Association for which he works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness of the condition. Both David’s father and grandfather were stricken with the disease and died from the condition. In 1999, Pierce was honored by The Alzheimer’s Association for all his devoted work with them over the past few years with a dinner in his honor in Los Angeles. He is also a regular supporter of AIDS  charities.

After years of speculation about his sexuality, his relationship with his long-time partner, Brian Hargrove was made public in 2007.  Brian is a television writer, director and producer.

On May 28, 2009, David Hyde Pierce revealed that he and Brian Hargrove got married last fall.

Pierce told “The View” that he and Hargrove were married “very quietly last October 24th,” after having been together for 25 years.

Their wedding was held before Proposition 8 was passed by voters, banning gay marriage. The California Supreme Court upheld the ban this week, but said those who tied the knot when it was legal are still married.

There are many things that David and Clay do not have in common.  Their backgrounds and schooling are very different, yet they still seem to have many of the same ideals in both their public and private lives.   So much so that they might become good friends and colleagues.

Below is an interesting video highlighting Niles and his “love”, Daphne,  Do you remember the tango?


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22 thoughts on “Is It Clay Aiken?

  1. I have always admired David Hyde Pierce!! Thank you for the informative article. He and Clay Aiken have quite a bit in comment – both are talented and very classy men.

  2. Yes, I also agree. They do have much in common. They both have integrity and class and very talented.

  3. David Hyde Pierce and Clay Aiken are both very talented and both are class acts! Thanks for this informative blog!

  4. Musicfan,

    Thank you for a very informative blog about David Hyde Pierce. It is interesting that he and Clay Aiken not only portrayed Sir Robin in “Spamalot” but are actively involved with charities.

    Have an awesome weekend!


  5. I always liked David Hyde Pierce on Frasier, I didn’t realize that he and Clay Aiken had so much in common. This site amazes me everything with the things I learn. Thank you for the background info.

  6. Thanks CANN. I didn’t realize how much these two had in common other than being very talented and compassionate men.

  7. Terrific article. DHP is a very classy man. I hope Clay Aiken has as distinguished a career as Pierce.

  8. I really didn’t know much about David Hyde Pierce so thanks for the informative blog! Both David and Clay Aiken sound like two talented and classy men!!

  9. Very interesting blog. I loved David on Fraiser. Loved Clay Aiken as Sir Robin but did not get to see DHP in that role.

  10. David Hyde Pierce is an excellent actor and there are certainly parallels between David and Clay Aiken. They’re both outstanding.

  11. Loved seeing the tango with David Hyde Pierce and Daphne. Loved that tv show and it was very interesting to see how David played Robin and Clay Aiken played Robin. Both very good!

  12. Thanks for all the information on David Hyde Pierce…I have always liked him. He too has tried his best to separate his private life from his professional life..Gone about his business… sounds like someone else we know..but unfortunately for Clay the media was relentless with him… But it all worked out in the end…I believe that Clay is probably the happiest he has ever been…and I am thankful for that….

    Both men show class and humbleness…and strong character… Now that to very Sexy!!!!!!


  13. I agree David Hyde Pierce is a classy guy. (And a pretty good actor btw). I’d love to see the two of them together on stage!

  14. I love the video. David Hyde Pierce is a great actor.
    Congrats on their marriage!

    I never realized that DHP and Clay Aiken were so much alike.

  15. David seems like one of the good guys just like Clay is. I’m glad he was able to keep his marriage private until HE was ready for everyone to find out.

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