Clay Aiken Takes On 30 Rock

New pictures added!!

What an exciting night on NBC tonight.  The show, 30 Rock was spectacular.  It was great to see all the top music stars, including Clay Aiken as Kenneth’s cousin.

We are collecting pictures and screencaps as quickly as we can so that you can see them all in one place.  Check back in a bit.  If we post new pictures, we will let you know with a red announcement.


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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Takes On 30 Rock

  1. What a wonderful day, Clay Aiken on my TV- he rocked on 30rock! then there was a blog, and I read some funny answers he posted on OFC.
    Now can we have some great news like maybe his own TV show?

  2. That was cool to see last night. Clay did good. As this show was taped 1-1/2 months ago, just after Clay’s surgery..I’m sure that Clay would not have been able to sing his normal way, but he was front and center in the singing spot… I didn’t realize that they had to break Clay’s jaw and re-set it…OUCH!!! No wonder he didn’t do a solo, but I’m so glad he was able to be on the show…At least with knowing that Clay is Kenneth’s cousin….there may be appearances for Clay later down the road…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one…


  3. Enjoyed seeing Clay Aiken in 30 Rock. We got a cameo as was expected, but it was nice to see him in a cameo with such good company. Elvis, Mary J Blige, Cyndi Lauper, Sheryl Crow, Adam Levine, Sarah Bareilles–lots of big names there. Even though this was taped after his recent TMJ surgery, he could still sing. Great to hear him sing!

  4. Ouch! Singing with a recently re-set broken jaw. 🙁

    Clay Aiken sure is a trouper. Sounded great, looked cute!

    Thanks for sharing the vid.

  5. Singing so soon after the tmj surgery on Clay Aiken’s jaw must have been painful, but he’s a trooper.

  6. Clay looked wonderful and it was quite a list of who’s who on the show. How long after his TMJ surgery was this taped?

  7. How exciting to see Clay on my TV again. He did a great job in 30Rock. To be out and performing shortly after his TMJ Surgery shows what a trooper he really is. I thought him and Elvis were the best on their acting. It was very natural and funny.

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