Clay Aiken Sings Unchained Melody

Finally, the long-awaited video is here.

On Saturday, May 9th, Clay participated in the “David Foster and Friends” Concert in Las Vegas.  After the concert, David and Clay joined an intimate party in a small lounge.  Clay sang “Unchained Melody” with David on the piano.  The following video shows this wonderful performance. Thank you to the person who taped this performance.

click here to see video:


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25 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Sings Unchained Melody

  1. So beautiful! I love when Clay Aiken sings Unchained Melody and it is stunning with just David Foster on piano and Clay Aiken on vocals.

  2. I’m also thrilled to have gotten the video. Clay’s still great and David Foster is still a legend!!

  3. Clay never disappoints, he sounded better than ever. I still hope we get that video from the asian guy thats was taping too.

  4. I could listen to Clay Aiken sing that song all day. I love how he changed it up a bit too.

    Beautiful voice. Thank you for the clip

  5. That was a beautiful version of "Unchained Melody." Clay Aiken is really a master at changing songs up to make them even better than the originals IMO.

  6. Man, if only I hear him sing this song on the radio or the mall, I’d be toast! I heard Barry’s version of the song and IMO, it’s not even close to the beauty of Clay’s rendition.
    Don’t get me wrong, BM’s songs are great, and I think he is one of the few legends who are brilliant in song writing etc., but…well..let’s leave it like that! I love Barry in the sense that he has stage presence like Clay!

  7. This is the Clay as Diane Bubel once said he described himself – “more of a crooner”. Not “more of….”! Definitely a crooner. That voice was created to sing gorgeous love songs as bo one else can. I’m teary – oh, my LIST! If anyone agrees, ‘can we talk’?

    • So (ulp) I reply to myelf, but I just saw Didi saying aomething I’ve longed to write! Didi, I love BM too, but evem HE admits, ‘Clay’s voice is better than mine.’ (Such self-esteem to know his own gifts so well and needn’t envy another’s!) SO – Didi, can WE talk. Clay just proved 19 couldn’t touch him indefinitely. ‘Sides, I grew up on crooners and MISS regular fixes!

  8. THANK YOU to the person who filmed this, and to CANN for posting it!

    GAH! That boy can SANG! I am in awe of his talent and grace.

    We want more singing, Clay. LOTS more.

  9. I love that song..sung by Clay. It is so dreamy, and I can’t even imagine being right there in that room..gazing at that sexysingerman while he sings it. Would be Heaven on Earth.

  10. Clay still has the most beautiful pure voice and he takes my breath away every time he sings and especially when he does Unchained melody. I still have chills from the first time I heard him sing it.

  11. I love CANN! It’s very entertaining… I never fail to check in everyday and I always keep coming back for more. Thank you for CANN and for all things Clay!!

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