Clay Aiken : Order 30 Rock

Here is the link for the 30 Rock episode on iTunes:
30 Rock - 30 Rock, Season 3 - Kidney Now!

This is the link for the video “He Needs a Kidney” on iTunes:
30 Rock - He Needs a Kidney - He Needs a Kidney

And the episode is currently up on Hulu. Here it is:

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken : Order 30 Rock

  1. I think the special appearance was great! Clay Aiken can do anything and this was fun to watch!! Loved Elvis Costello and the others too!

  2. Clay Aiken’s cameo was what we expected, just a short appearance, but it was nice to see him with all the other stars in the show.

  3. I’m going to buy so I can listen to Clay Aiken & Elvis Costello sing together over and over again 😀 (plus it’s for a great cause!!!!)

  4. What a funny finale episode 30 Rock was. Clay just might have a recurring role as Kenneth’s cousin.

    Also, the music video is very good..and it is for a good cause. Hope a lot of people d/l it.

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