Clay Aiken Trading Cards

A new series of trading cards picturing American Idol contestants and judges was issued on April 21 by American Idol producer FremantleMedia and trading card publisher Upper Deck. The series features 138 cards of past and current contestants, with five cards in each pack. In addition, six autographed cards will be shuffled into randomly-selected packs.

In the show’s eight seasons, there have been six Top 12s, one Top 10 and this year’s Top 13.  This  means that it will take 95 cards just to spotlight each finalist at least once. Give one to each of the four judges and Ryan and you’re down to 38 cards up for grabs in the 138-card set.

Clay Aiken is featured twice on the cards.  Take a look and decide if you are going to try and get a Clay Aiken trading card.

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Trading Cards

  1. 🙂 very cool!!!! May need to go out and get a deck (or two) I would love to find one of the signed cards – especially if Clay signed it!

  2. With my luck, I could buy a dozen packs and none of them would include Clay. I doubt that they will be on sale here so I won’t have to worry. I’d love to have those two but can imagine all the ones I’d get that would make a quick trip to the circular file!

    The write-up is fantastic. I guess AI actually knows whether they like to let on or not. 😉

  3. Well, I am surprised how nice the write up is on the bottom of the card. That is a great shout out to BAF.

  4. Nice idea..I guess. I’d love to have the two of Clay..but not enough to sift through 2,000 trying to find them.

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