This Just In! Clay Aiken & Capital Awards

Thank you to scrpkym!!  Clay Aiken presenting the NCT Capital Award for Best Musical:


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10 thoughts on “This Just In! Clay Aiken & Capital Awards

  1. Clay Aiken is so comfortable on the stage…any stage…anywhere. I bet that was a thrill for him to present the award. And on the shallow side, he looked gorgeous. I love his voice even when he is just speaking…so many layers and a one of a kind for sure.


    Seriously…we are so lucky…and thank you to the person that took that video….

    Clay was born to be on stage…whether he is talking, singing, acting, whatever…it is his true calling…..

    Thank you CANN for bringing this over for us to watch….I loved it!!!!!


  3. Big thank you to the person who took the video. Clay Aiken is so natural on the stage. He doesn’t need notes, he’s quick thinking, great sense of humor, and an enjoyable speaker.

  4. Wow! Thanks for that video. Clay Aiken owns the stage whether he’s performing, supporting another performer or presenting an award!

  5. Clay looked gorgeous and was so comfortable and natural on stage! I bet it was fun for him to do these awards. He doesn’t forget where he came from that’s for sure!

  6. Clay is so charming and articulate! How fortunate that the organizers of this awards show were able to have him as one of their presenters. I enjoyed watching this clip; thanks for posting it here!

  7. Clay Aiken is so articulate. He looks happy to be doing what he’s doing. He’s where he wants to be helping children. Thank you to whoever filmed this clip, I enjoy watching Clay at work, being happy and doing what he loves best.

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