Clay Aiken – Six Years Later

One can only wonder if there is anyone reading this article that thought on May 19, 2003 that they would be reading and writing information on the successful star, Clay Aiken.  Little did the audience of American Idol II know that they would be watching the rise of a true musical star.

May 19th was a Monday on 2003 and it was a special night before the finale that focused on Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, the two American Idol finalist of Season II.

The judges were there and so were all the Season II final contestants…..well, Josh was not there since he was back on duty with the Marines.  Corey Clark was not even mentioned.  All the finalists sang together one more time to “What The World Needs Now” and they sounded fantastic.

Ruben’s journey on American was featured next.  Ruben talked about going home, seeing his band, his friends and his former teachers.  Ryan also talked to Ruben’s brother, Kevin who gave Ruben a bad time.  Ruben performed “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.”

After Ruben, Clay walked out and we got to see Clay’s journey on American Idol. Ryan and Clay talked about Clay being a wildcard entrant, his hair and appearance, and how the entire experience was surreal.

Ryan pulled a Claymate from the audience and Clay commented on her “Clay-mate” shirt.  Erin was asked 4 or 5 questions about Clay and she seemed to know each answer.  Clay seemed shocked that she knew so much about him.

Clay then sang “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” the song that helped him advance from the Wildcard Round.

After a bit more chit-chat, Ruben and Clay met Ryan in the middle of the stage for the coin toss to see who would sing first in the finale.  Clay won the coin toss and chose to let Ruben go first.

To end the program, the finalists performed “God Bless The USA.

There are two videos of this night.  The first is Clay’s performance and the second is the coin-toss.  Do not miss this fun video.  It shows a bit of Clay’s humor.



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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Six Years Later

  1. It seems like Clay Aiken’s name is brought up more than any other former idol in the articles about this year’s final. He has accomplished a lot over the six years and has not been forgotten. Fans are just waiting to see what will be next on Clay’s career agenda.

  2. It must be American Idol finals time – Clay Aiken’s name is always mentioned every season – he is still the most successful male idol contestant EVER!

  3. It’s true…Clay has staying power…His name is constantly being put out there.. Everyone knows who Clay is…

    Clay is the most successful male contestant, and that’s not bad considering he is the only one that does not get radio play…… It’s actually amazing…when the others are shoved in your face…


  4. That was one heck of a season finale!! He had no idea how much the fans knew about him. I loved the awed and amazed face he made when the fan answered the questions they asked her about him.

  5. My gosh, I can’t believe it’s been six years since Clay Aiken came into my life!!! 😀 So much fun!!!!

  6. So nice to see this video again. I never would have known six years just how much I would come to love, respect, and appreciate Clay Aiken.

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