Clay Aiken -Can’t Live Without You

The fans are getting restless.  Where is Clay Aiken??  What is he doing??  We need to hear from him!!

Perhaps this video will help ease the lonely feelings and maybe send a message to Clay that Without You……we are sad!!


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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -Can’t Live Without You

  1. 🙂 all I can say is thank you Clay Aiken for allowing your fans to take video/photos of you on tour. It’s what keeps us going!!!

    I hope he’s having a wonderful time off and comes back to us soon (our soon, not his)

  2. What a gorgeous performance. I have that song on my compilation CD and still love it. He looked the best ever there. I miss him singing.

  3. One of my favorite Clay Aiken performances! He looks so gorgeous and sings to perfection, as always. Thanks for the video!

  4. Was listening to Measure of a Man in the car today and swooning over and over again. I hope he’ll come out with some new music soon. I do miss hearing updates on his life…

  5. I cannot even ever comprehend living without Clay in it….He brings me so much joy, and that voice just touches my soul…..I love this man.

    What a great video…..I MISS HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!



  6. That performance of Without You is one of his very best on TV to date. The whole of it, from his look to his performance to the staging and lighting was perfect! Loved it. Love Clay Aiken!
    Please come back soon and sing to me, Clay.

  7. Well, posting this a little late..but, better late than never. I think I got caught up in all the publicity this weekend. Anyways, I love that of my favorites. Clay looked absolutely gorgeous in that appearance. As for missing him, sure did, but, as you all know now, he answered some questions today at the OFC…and I am ecstatic!!

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