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Whoever thought they would see Clay Aiken beating up another celebrity on TV?  Well, it happened, sort of, on June 28th, 2004.  That was the evening that Clay was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show.

Clay was the featured guest and was interviewed by Jimmy.  He performed in a silly skit and sang two songs.

According to fans who were in the live audience, the evening was like a huge celebration of Clay Aiken and his music.  Most of the audience was made up of Clay fans and they were excited in their response to all that was happening.

The program started out with a very funny skit that showed Clay beating up Jimmy because Jimmy had said so many demeaning jokes about Clay.  Clay threw Jimmy against the wall and repeatedly “kicked him” in the head.  The spoof was well done and appreciated by the entire audience.

During the interview, Clay talked about his friend from home who was joining him to help out.  He also recalled how he was forgetting everything….his wallet, his keys, his passport.  He was hoping his friend would help him out and help him to become more organized.

There were two stories from the interview that have been repeated and remembered often.  The first was about the old man in the airport who hit Clay with his cane.  Clay seemed indignant and said that it really hurt.

The second story was about the food in Ireland.  According to Clay, they serve “nasty animals” and that even if you order the food well-done, it still is walking all over the plate.  He even complained about McDonalds and said it just wasn’t the same.

After Clay’s interview, he stayed on the stage while Jimmy interviewed Dylan Walsh.  Poor man didn’t stand a chance as most of the audience was more interested in watching Clay and his reactions than listening to Dylan’s answers.

Clay ended the program by singing two songs, “I Will Carry You” and “Kyrie”.  The audience, both in the studio and at home, thought that Clay rocked the house.  He seemed to be in great spirits and great voice.  He seemed to enjoy the exuberant audience and connected with them.  The audience got to hear all of Kyrie, but, unfortunately, the TV audience only saw a short clip of the song as the time ran out.

Clay and Jimmy really hit it off this night and both seemed to enjoy the interview and each other’s company.  It was the beginning of a great relationship.

We have put together a playlist for this program.  There are 4 videos.  Use the arrows on the right and left to move from one video to the next.  This visit to Kimmel was a wonderful show.  Enjoy!!

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – TV Celebrity

  1. This was so great…I loved the whole show..and Clay sure can tell his stories….He was just born to be in front of an audience…..

    Thanks again for bringing over these gems…..I hope Clay gets back on Jimmy’s show soon…they really get along so well.


  2. I think this is probably my favorite Clay Aiken/Jimmy Kimmel interview (followed very closely by ATDW interview).

    I’m with you Judy, I hope to see Clay on Jimmy’s show again really soon. They are absolutely wonderful together!! 😀

  3. This was one of my favorite shows that Clay has ever done on TV. He was chatty and comfortable and every moment was great. Too bad we didn’t get a;; of Kyrie.

  4. I just love that Clay Aiken/Kimmel interview. I think it’s my most favorite late night interview! He was so cool and cute, coming out to meet Jimmy after all the things that Jimmy had said about him. And during every subsequent appearance it’s clear that Jimmy and Clay have a great relationship. Can’t wait to see him back on that show, and SOON!!

  5. I’m so glad Clay Aiken and Kimmel turned out to be such great frineds. Would love to see the Klimmel again real soon. Hint Clay, soon.

  6. Clay and Jimmy together is great television. They both share a quirky sense of humor and I really enjoy watching what they come up with. It’s because of Clay that I switched to watching Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel Live. I’ll take JKL reruns over the other late night shows any day.

  7. Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel have the IT factor when they are together. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  8. Clay is a born entertainer. Can’t wait to see the directions he decides to take his talents in the near future.

  9. Clay and Jimmie work so well together. Hope to see them together again soon. Thanks for the Climmel memories.

  10. One of the truly jaw dropping moments in late night tv. Hysterical!!! Clay Aiken has gift for comedy.

  11. That was a funny appearance on JK and there have been quite a few by Clay Aiken. JK & CA make a good duo.

  12. Not only did I love the skit and the banter that night, but the songs Clay Aiken sang were perfect. Wish we could have heard more of Kyrie.

  13. Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel are a hoot to watch! One can’t help but laugh at their antics.

    Thanks for more of my favourite memory videos 🙂

  14. That show was great! Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel seemed to have such a good time and they have great chemistry.

  15. I love all of his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Show. This is one of my favorites. Thanks for the memories!

  16. Oh musicfan, I love Kimmel and Clay. They are so good together and it makes such good TV. THanks for sharing.

  17. musicfan,

    What fun times you have replayed for us with the Clay Aiken-Jimmy Kimmel skits, chats, and performances! Thnx for another wonderful blog.

    Thank you, too, for always stopping by the Carolina journal. Have an awesome week!


  18. I loved when Clay was on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show. They get along together so well. I also thought Clay looked pretty hawt on that show. Loved the songs he sang also. Hope they can get together again real soon. And I don’t mean Clay’s soon either!

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