Clay Aiken – By The Numbers

There are new sales numbers out for Clay Aiken’s Cds.  According to Brian Mansfield at Idol Chatter, Clay has sold:

Measure of a Man: 2.78
Merry Christmas With Love: 1.37
A Thousand Different Ways: 530,000
On My Way Here: 163,000
All Is Well: Songs for Christmas: 53,000
Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken: 7,000

Of course, these numbers are rounded off, but the total for these albums would almost be 5 million Cds.

Congratulations to Clay!!  That is an impressive number of albums sold!!  If you add to that all the singles that you have sold, you are a very  successful star!!

I am sure that all the readers here are looking forward to your next album.  It will be another winner!!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – By The Numbers

  1. The amazing thing is that those CD’s sold without radio play! How many others can say that? Four years later (last Christmas) they finally started radio play for his Christmas songs–then you couldn’t find the CD on the shelves.

  2. fgs you’re correct – that is an amazing amount of CDs without radio play and minimal promotion!!

    Just measuring success by CD sales, Clay is a successful artist. Throw in tours, book, TV and Broadway – not to mention UNICEF and TBAF – and Clay is EXTREMELY successful!!

    🙂 can’t wait to hear/see what’s next!!!!

  3. I’m hopeful that with a new record label and better promotion his future CDs will be very successful.

  4. That truly is impressive.

    I can only imagine how sales would have been if Clay had of had 1/10th of the promotion/radio play that Kelly, Carrie and Daughtry have had…

    But Clay is more successful than any of them. He has his own foundation, he is a Unicef Ambassador, and most important thing in his life is his Son, Parker….He has a very rich life, and I could not be prouder of him.


  5. Musicfan,

    Thank you for posting Clay Aiken’s album sales totals, almost all without any radio play, a smattering of promotion, and the haphazard restocking of shelves. Amazing!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Clay Aiken has sold an impressive amount of CDs. Thank you for putting the numbers all together here at CANN!

  7. Good numbers for Clay, especially since he received no help from RCA.

    But besides the album sales, Clay has done so much. He is a star!

    Thanks for bringing these numbers over!

  8. Thank you for giving us all the numbers. CANN you do a fantastic job! I look forward to your blogs. Our Clay is one incredible star.

    I agree with everyone here that Clay is simply astounding to have sold so many CDs with virtually no promotion and absolutely no radio play except for some Christmas songs.

    Playlist; The Very Best of Clay Aiken is a CD that everyone should have. The remastered sound is amazing! I love having so many of my favorites all together on the same CD.

  9. The fact that Clay Aiken has had such impressive CD sales with virtually no radio play is very impressive.

    I have all of his CDs and treasure every one.

    Cannot wait for the next one and hope it will be ‘soon.’

  10. Yes, Clay’s sales numbers are impressive given so little promotion and radio play but I can’t help being irritated over how the labels play games with sales.

    When labels ship to places that don’t report to Billboard, like warehouse clubs, it’s a way to manipulate sales numbers.

    Reading around the net, it’s amazing how many think that A Thousand Different Ways was Clay’s last album. They’ve no idea that On My Way Here exists.

  11. Sandi,

    That’s so awful to think that so many people don’t even KNOW about OMWH. Just goes to show how little RCA really did (not do)for Clay.

    Along with everyone else, I’m amazed at how well his CD’s have sold given the fact that he’s had so little promotion the last couple of years and virtually no radio play. Can you just imagine how many more CD’s he’d sell if his music could only be heard?

    I’m looking forward to whatever he does next. Maybe this time around we’ll get to actually hear him on the radio!! 🙂

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