Clay Aiken – TV Guide Star

TV Guide has always been nice to Clay Aiken.  He has been on the cover numerous times and is mentioned in passing often.

In the July 24, 2005 issue. Clay was not only on the cover, but was the featured story.  For this issue, there were two different covers and even a third for the cable version of the magazine.

Below are scans of the covers and the article.  Remember, if you want to see one of the scans up close, double click on the image and it will show up larger so you can read the article better.  Which cover is your favorite?

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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – TV Guide Star

  1. I thought I had every TV Guide collected that has Clay Aiken on it..but I don’t! I do not have the first one, in fact don’t even remember ever hearing about it! It is my favourite of that grouping too.

    The photo of Clay sitting in the chair is one of my very favourite photos though, I lurve that one 🙂

  2. The header on one of those really cracks me up.

    • Yes, there was, it was in 2003. I have those too..but, only the one’s with Clay on it. I’ll have to go locate those.

  3. Thanks for the memories of those TV Guide articles. I remember how excited everyone was to see Clay on the cover.

  4. Yes, TV Guide has done some nice articles on Clay….

    Do they still mail those out? I just wonder, cause I never have to buy one, as my guide comes right on my cable channel? Just curious… I guess if you don’t have cable or a satellite dish, you would need one. Times are a changing!!!!!

    I’m glad Clay had these nice articles….


  5. I remember first seeing Clay Aiken on the cover and his new hair style!! Loved that mature look. Great article!

  6. My favorite cover is the first one. However, I love the picture of him in the chair, from the article. I remember getting to the store as soon as they came out and getting one of each. I still have them.

    Clay has had some good articles in the TV Guide. I would love to see him in there now.

  7. Well, I love both–so when the tv guide came out, I had to buy both. I almost didn’t get any–seem to remember going to more than one store and getting one of the last ones. When Clay Aiken is on the cover of a magazine, it sells!!!!

  8. Oh!! I really like this “Clay Aiken” look!!!

    Where do you get all the information for your blogs?? I love visiting here because there is always something fun.

    Thank you!!

  9. Does anyone know if Clay will ever perform again? I assume he is enjoying both his son and home in N.C.

  10. YIKES!!! That first picture is amazing!!

    I think that we will see Clay on TV Guide again and “soon.”

    Thanks for the blog!

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