Clay Aiken – “Forget I Ever Knew You”

Have you heard of a musician by the name of Greg Critchley??  He is a drummer who has played professionally for many years.  He is also a composer who has written many songs.

Greg’s song,  “Forget I Ever Knew You”,  was the bonus song on Clay Aiken’s latest CD, On My Way Here . If you bought the CD at Walmart, you got Greg’s song.

To me, the song is one of my favorites and I wish that more people had heard the song.  It has  “Hit” written all over it!!

The video below, is a montage of Clay Aiken which is set to this wonderful song.  Thank you, SueReu, for another great video.  And Greg……I hope you and Clay connect again and collaborate on another wonderful song.


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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Forget I Ever Knew You”

  1. I love Forget I Ever Knew You – one of my absolute favorites!!!!

    I also hope Greg Critchley and Clay Aiken connect again and the outcome is just as wonderful.

  2. I love Clay Aiken singing Forget I Ever Knew You. I had always wished it was on the regular album but it really is a bonus!!

  3. Forget I Ever Knew You written by Greg Critchley one of my favorites from OMWH. It’s only on the Walmart version, though.

  4. Greg Critchley is a very talented musician and songwriter. I hope that he and Clay Aiken can have another song recorded.

  5. Wonderful video! Wonderful song!
    Wonderful man…Clay Aiken!!!
    Thanks for this great information!

  6. I like this Clay Aiken song and the video. I wish Clay had gotten more promo and an opportunity for some radio play even though he said this wasn’t his favorite song to sing.

  7. I love this song. I play it all the time on my Walmart OMWH CD. I also couldn’t resist playing Falling…another one of my very favorites from OMWH. I love that whole album.

  8. This is one of my favorite songs on the album too. I am so glad I got the Walmart version. Love every song on the album. I hope someday we get to hear them live.

  9. Forget I Ever Knew You is an ear worm for me . I hear it and it is in my head for the rest of the day . Happily so !

  10. I Love Love Love this song!!!
    I wished it was on the regular CD, since I live in Canada I didn’t have it!
    Great video. love all the differnts looks of Clay!!!

  11. WOW!!! This is one of my favorite songs. It is so sad that more people did not hear this!!

    Musicfan………thanks for another interesting reminder of how great Clay is!!

  12. How come I have never heard this song before? It is amazing!!

    Thanks for posting this. Do you think Clay will ever sing this live??

  13. Forget I Ever Knew You was also one of my favorite songs on OMWH and I wish it had been on the original and not an extra. I think it is a wonderful song. Thank you for the montage to the song Sue Reu-it was so good. Thanks you both for such an enjoyable blog. I also hope that Clay can work with Greg’s music in the future.He is a gifted song writer.

  14. This was a great song and I wish it would have been a part of the main CD. So many great songs on that CD that aren't being heard. Great article and thanks SueRue for the montage. Hope a lot of people get to hear it.

  15. Suerue: I know you helped me once before. Is there anyway that I can download this video. Once in a while I get lucky and I’m able to download Youtube–not this time. My niece doesn’t have a computer and I would love to send this song to her. She never heard it and its my favorite. Thanks in advance COOKIE

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