Clay Aiken – He Is Looking Good!!

There is no doubt that Clay Aiken is a talented singer and actor.  His voice is marvelous and his comedic timing can keep an audience laughing a long time.  But, that is not all!!  Clay Aiken is Looking Good.  You never quite know what the look will be, but it doesn’t matter because each look is amazing.

Perhaps one of the most exciting looks was during the 2006 Christmas Season.  Today, we celebrate that look.  Yes, Clay………..looking good!!!

If you are interested in seeing some other wonderful pictures of Clay, why don’t you visit these great sites.

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  1. This was a great tour…and Clay never looked better….He was in fine form…..He was smart, funny, and of course the voice…just was magnificent…No one sings Christmas songs like Clay…..Amazing.

    Thanks for the pics again…


  2. Looking good is right!! I love this Clay Aiken look. He looks good with his hair long…. short………. in between….. blonde…. red……. whatever……… He just looks good!

  3. Thanks for those pictures. Clay is a very handsome man and has many different looks–I have loved them all.

    He is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

    I love Clay Aiken!!!

  4. Clay Aiken is one handsome dude. Anxiously awaiting his return to the stage, whether touring or Broadway.

  5. What beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing these pictures of Clay Aiken. He is truly “LOOKING GOOD”

  6. Great pictures!! I love seeing all the posts here. CANN is a great place and thanks for keeping us up to date.

  7. Clay looks good?!! No way! He Looks GREAT!! *drools* I love you Clay!!!!! I miss you!!! I’m waiting EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You will always be one of the best entertainers in the world babbbyy!!

  8. I forgot to comment??? It’s been a long day…

    Clay Aiken is looking WONDERFUL! He looked great in 2006 and he looks fantastic in 2009 – happy and content.

  9. He was especially handsome and sexy on his 2006 Christmas Show. He can sing those Christmas song like nobody else. I’d love to see him do another show this year.

    No matter what kind of hair, long or short or in between he is just so fine. When he had the blond hair..O.M.G. talk about gorgeous. Whew! No doubt about it..he is one gorgeous specimen.

  10. Musicfan,

    Thank you for another great blog entry and for taking us down memory lane with Clay Aiken’s 2006 holiday tour!

    Thank you, too, for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog and for linking all the “looking good” entries here.


  11. The outside of the package is beautiful, but when you unwrap the package what’s inside is even more beautiful.

    • Magical……you really expressed yourself so well. I love what you wrote. Clay Aiken is a remarkable man!!

  12. That Clay Aiken is always lookin good. He is like a chameleon isn’t he? He can look so hot, so handsome, so nerdy, so innocent all in the span of a few seconds. Fascinating!

  13. Clay Aiken always looks good. In this collection my fave photo is the UNICEF snowflake one.
    Thanks for the pix!

  14. Oh my………I see a scruffy Clay. Be still, my heart! These are some of the very best!!!!! Looking good, for sure!

  15. One thing about Clay-you never know what he will look like, but he will always look good! I remember the shock all of had when he appeared on AI5 with the “Beatle” type hair cut. He stole the show when everyone was talking about how different he looked. He has had long hair, short hair, blond hair, red hair, brown hair, but he always looks great!

  16. You never know how Clay will look. But whatever way it is, it is wonderful.

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!!

  17. Clay Aiken is an amazing man. He is beautiful inside and out. These particular pictures are wonderful.

    I love this site!!

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