Clay Blogged!!

Clay Blogged


Wednesday, July 8th


Since the blog is on the public side, we feel comfortable printing it here.

I’m a little late on this one, but… be careful. Don’t breathe in around me!

In debating the School Violence Prevention Act during a legislative session, NC General Assembly Minority Leader Skip Stam (R*-Wake) said that “explicitly protecting gay kids from bullying would lead to pedophilia and gay marriage,” The man, who has obviously come unhinged from reality also argued that gay parents are “more dangerous than second-hand smoke.”

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I hope I haven’t caused any health problems for any of you!

What a dumbass!

Do enough of you guys live in southern Wake County to help him lose his job next year?


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24 thoughts on “Clay Blogged!!

  1. It is difficult to believe that a person could go to college, and on for a law degree, and come out of the system that stupid. What an absolutely ignorant man Mr. Stam is. It appears that he is advocating bullying any child who might be thought gay. Apparently, Mr. Stam believes it is better to kill these maybe gay children than risk letting them become adult parents.

  2. It saddens me that in 2009 there are so many uninformed and ignorant people out there. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, the protection of the citizens should be the #1 priority of any elected official, whether on a local or federal level.

    Shame on him, shame on him for advocating violence. No matter how Mr. Stam wants to spin it, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

  3. It’s frightening that someone as ignorant and bigoted as Mr. Stam was elected to public office. His remarks about gay and lesbian individuals are inaccurate and hateful. It’s a sad day when an elected official in the United States appears to be saying that it’s okay for some children to be bullied. But the fact is that no child should have to endure bullying. I hope that Mr. Stam will be overwhelmingly defeated in the next election. His beliefs and attitudes are appalling.

  4. For an elected official to say something so hateful and ignorant is shocking! I sure hope the people of Wake county do the right thing and get him out of office. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Clay was way too kind when he called that man a ‘dumbass.’ I would have much harsher words for him. I sure hope he gets voted out of office next time there is an election.

  6. Unfortunately, bullying is one of the most dangerous problems confronting students today. Clay Aiken is correct addressing this.

  7. Skip Stan is an idiot and a bigot. The welfare of his constituents is the last thing on his mind. He is giving a free pass to the gay bashers and bullies. Clay Aiken is correct in his assessment of this.

  8. Clay Aiken endured bullying for many years. I am glad he is bringing up the stupidity of this legislator in NC who should be voted out of office.

  9. Shame on this elected official, I thought an educated man would have more common sense that to advocate the bullying of children in schools, I wonder if he would feel the same if he had a gay son or daughter!
    So Glad that Clay Aiken has a voice and is using it! you go Clay!

  10. This Skippy guy is an embarrassment to all. Next to the word “Ignorant” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Skip. How he holds an official position is beyond comprehension. Hopefully he won’t next term. Skip and people like him are the ones that set everything back for those that are fighting equality for all.

  11. Ignorance and bigotry will always be a part of our society.
    Sad but true. Our present society is full of malice and hatred. Again, sad but true. It is this group of people who are difficult to reason out with because their minds are made up and are out of the reality loop!!!

  12. Good for you Clay for speaking up…

    It truly is hard to believe in this day and age that someone holding an government office, can be a bigot…Have we gone back in time? For an educated man…he needs to go back to school… this stuff just makes my blood boil…. Sad…


  13. I don’t understand how this man was ever elected in the first place. Talk about setting everything back for the people who fight for equality…this man certainly does. He needs to go and the sooner the better. Hope he is never voted in again.

  14. If ignorance is bliss, Skip Stan must be one extremely happy man.

    How shameful it is that a man elected to service is treating so many of his fellow citizens in such a despicable way.

  15. You can’t fix stupid unfortunately. I’m glad Clay is expressing his feelings on idiots like this. Clay has lived the life and this dumbass has absolutely no idea of the harm and hatred that he is inflicting on childre. I hope he is proud of himself.

  16. It’s unbelievable that in the year 2009 this vile poor excuse for a human being hold a political office. It just boggles the mind.
    I applaud Clay for speaking his mind and using his voice.I love his intelligence and strength and his forthrightness. Stamass should never ever again hold public office and other’s of the same mind need to be voted out of office as well. It’s time we all use our voices to help change the world we and our children live in for the better. Equal rights for all!

  17. How can someone this ignorant be a public figure. He is a sad, sad, man.

    I hope that someday, the world will not have people like this.

    Thank you to Clay Aiken for informing us about this “dumb-ass” and thank you to CANN for passing the information to others.

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