Clay Aiken Visits Toms River

Toms River Fest is a major festival event held at the campus of Toms River High School in Toms River Township, New Jersey, during the summer. The festival is a joint venture between Toms River Regional Schools  and the concert promoter AEG Live Entertainment.

On July 27th, 2005, Clay Aiken started his Jukebox Tour at Toms River Fest.  The 26-city tour visited cities in the eastern U.S. and Toronto.  The tour ended at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City.

The 2 ½ hour show included music from each decade from the 50’s to the present.  Clay even included some planned future releases.  Including all the songs performed as solos and in the decade medleys, over 70 songs were performed at each concert.  Clay was very busy during the concert; however, each of his back-up singers performed a solo and was highlighted throughout the concert.

There were so many highlights in this concert.  It would be impossible to mention them all, but the following are hard to forget.

Clay, entering the stage with a smirk and a snap of his fingers

Clay climbing up on the piano and singing “Great Balls of Fire.”

Clay singing Elvis and moving like Elvis

Clay standing at the microphone, singing Ricky Martin

The famous Fedora

The white leisure suit!!

The fun Clay had when he teased his back-up singers!

But, what we remember the most is the wonderful music and joy that was a part of this concert.

Since we can’t give you the entire concert, four videos were chosen for this blog.

5o’s Medley Part 1


50’s Medley Part 2


Premiere of Back For More


Premiere of Just You


To see more about the Jukebox Tour visit  clayaikejourney

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  1. So many videos to watch..and not enough time…

    Thanks Musicfan..I will watch these when I get home tonight…..but I do have to go to work…..

    I loved the JBT…it was truly one of the best concerts I have ever been to…but then again, I love all of Clay's concerts…but did love the variety of music in this one….

    Can't wait to get home tonight to watch these.



  2. 🙁 I didn’t get to the Jukebox Tour either, so thanks for the great Clay Aiken memories!! I hope more people post their thoughts – especially if they were able to make it to the opening show.


  3. As a poor soul to not see the JBT live, the clack from it is a lifesaver. I just love it!
    It’s always thrilling to watch again.
    Clay Aiken is the ultimate entertainer!!

  4. Loved the songs he previewed that night in Tom’s River. There isn’t a studio recording of Back 4 More, but Clay did gift his fans recently with Just You as a studio recording.

  5. The 50’s medley was unbelievable. Clay Aiken channeled so many artists. My favorite was Suspicious Minds that Elvis had done.

  6. This is the only concert I ever got to and absolutely loved it. He was powerful and showed that he can sing anything. Clay is so versatile. I loved watching these, thank you.

  7. I just loved the JBT!! Thanks for the incredible pictures and videos!! Clay was the bomb from the moment he strolled down the steps with Q&A and started singing! Can you be cooler than cool and hot at the same time??? Clay Aiken can!!!

  8. What an amazing night! I have been thinking about it all day long and shaking my head in amazement that it has been four years already!!!
    Of course, we left Tom’s River after the show, and drove directly to NYC to spend the night on the streets of NYC…at “Camp Clay”…waiting for Clay’s appearance the next morning on GMA. What a night it was! 🙂

  9. So sad that Back for More did not get released. It is fantastic.
    I loved Suspicious Minds also!
    Thanks for the article, pictures and videos!

    • I agree. That song had “hit” written all over it!! My kids at school loved the song when I would play it during lunch and they all wanted to know where they could get a copy!!

  10. Loved the JBT. I was lucky enough to go to the Valdosta, Ga. JBT. That’s where Clay treated us to a little extra special grab at the end of the song WDC. I never saw it in person..but somebody got it on video. What a night that was. Clay is just phenominal in Concert. Also, no one can sing Suspicious Minds like Clay..besides Elvis, that is. Yes, Clay Aiken can be cool as well as hot at the same time.

    Thank you so much for the video’s. I really enjoyed them.

  11. Clay was able to sing muliple genre’s of music during the JBT. It was impressive to see his talent. It would be a real challenge to any other popstar to be able to sing all those songs as well as Clay.

  12. Loved the whole JBT!! My precious Back For More will always be a favorite. I would love to get my hands on a recorded version. You know there has to be one somewhere. Thanks for the videos. I need me a Clay Aiken concert!!!

  13. I wish I’d have had a chance to go to the Jukebox tour. The videos from this tour got me re-hooked on him following the AI5 appearances. Thanks to them, I got to see what I missed!

  14. I was at the NH show where he had the funniest exchange with “Terry” in the audience. I know there is plenty of clack of that!

  15. I loved the JBT. It showed that Clay could sing anything!
    Thanks so much for the videos. I could watch them over and over. I think it is funny Clay just awhile back admitted he was not really “playing” the piano. I really did think he was. What a prankster he is. Gotta love him!
    Thanks for the memories!

  16. Musicfan,

    Thank you for this wonderful rewind of Clay Aiken’s Jukebox Tour opener. You have provided us with some great videos and memories.

    Many thnx for your kind comments in the Carolina blog. Have a super week!


  17. The Juke Box Tour really showed Clay Aiken’s versatility.
    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and the videos.

  18. After I saw Clay Aiken on this tour, I thought that it would make a great permanent show somewhere. Maybe it still will, someday!

  19. That was my favorite tour. Got to see it the very next day at the Mohegan Sun—the same day that he was on GMA. I was just so excited–couldn’t sleep the night before.

    Hope he plans another before long. I miss Clay Aiken.

  20. Ahhhhh………. wonderful memories of a great concert. I can hardly wait for Clay Aiken’s next concert series. He always seems to top himself.

  21. I saw this tour twice. Clay, we need a new tour!! JBT #2 would be just fine!!!

    Thanks for all the pictures and videos.

  22. Thank goodness for Clack. I never got to see this concert live. It is amazing and it really shows how well Clay sings and entertains.

    I enjoyed the videos and the extra pictures were fun too!!

    Thank you CANN

  23. The JBT was the best tour ever! I was lucky enough to go 8 times and wanted more. I was a huge Elvis fan, and Clay sang Elvis better than Elvis. I especially loved his version of Suspicious Minds.

    Bring back JBT2, Clay.

  24. If I could re-live any Clay concert it would be this one. The electricity on the stage and in the audience was incredible. I feel blessed to have witnessed this live. It was my only openning night concert.

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