Good Morning, Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken’s loyal fans got a real treat on July 29th, 2005 when he debuted a new song called ” Back for More” and performed Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” at New York City’s Bryant Park as part of “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert Series.

Clay had just begun his Jukebox Summer Tour the evening before in Toms River, N.J.  The tour visited 25 cities.  It was Clay’s fifth tour in the past two years.

Throughout the Good Morning America broadcast on the 29th, the anchors mentioned their excitement that Clay was back to give another wonderful concert.  The weatherman was stationed at the park and each time he gave a weather report, he included the huge crowd in the shots.

Diane Sawyer interviewed Clay at the beginning of the concert and asked him about his UNICEF trips.  “It’s the closest thing I can do now to being in a classroom and teaching,” said Aiken. He recently had returned from northern Uganda, where he visited “night commuters” — children who must leave their homes in the countryside every night to sleep in UNICEF shelters to avoid being abducted by a rebel group. In March, Clay had visited children living in camps for tsunami survivors in Aceh, Indonesia.

Clay was also asked “What do you know about do-wop anyway.”  Clay answered, “Not much, but it’s good stuff!”

The concert itself, was brilliant.  Clay chose the Elvis song “Suspicious Minds” to open the concert.  It is a great Elvis song that isn’t so popular that it would make people think Clay was trying to impersonate Elvis.  Clay sang it beautifully and it had a great contemporary sound to it.

Next, Clay sang “Back For More”.  This new song was supposed to be on Clay’s sophomore album before the label changed their minds.  The catchy song was an immediate hit.  Most of Clay’s fans loved the irony of the lyrics:  “its all over the radio.”

From the fans at Bryant Park, we learned that Clay also performed “Twisting The Night Away.”  The reports said that Clay sounded relaxed and assured and did his twist “thing”.  Too bad it wasn’t televised.

There was a twist at Bryant Park that morning.  Clay was also interviewed by “Erica Kane”, from All My Children.  Susan Lucci who plays Erica on the show explained that her character was starting a TV show and that Clay was her first interview.  Just another thing to fit into Clay’s very busy day!!

Bryant Park was filled with the audience for Clay and overall, Clay seemed happy, confident and in control.  It was a great success.

Thank goodness for CLACK!!  Because of the following videos, we can all re-live the Good Morning America again!!

Interview and Introduction


Suspicious Minds


Back For More and Interview


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  1. Gosh, I remember this like it was just yesterday…..
    The JBT was such a fun summer tour…Loved it….

    Watching “Back For More” again, and what a shame that they didn’t let Clay record that. Diane said right there that this was Clay’s next single…and it never transpired… That song was amazing in concert…the whole audience was up on their feet when Clay sang that song…at every venue…. Oh Well..what is done is done…. Clay will have that opportunity again with the next label…. and I can’t wait….


  2. I’m excited for what’s to come for Clay! The jukebox tour was so much fun and I’m anxiously waiting for more of Clay.

  3. I just love these walks down memory lane. I love this song Back for More and maybe someday we will hear it on this next album or it’ll be “all over the radio, radio”. LOL, what fun to see these.

  4. I need to take a Back For More break, it just irritates me – that song is amazing – had hit written all over it. Too bad his prior label didn’t let him finish the CD he had started, it would have been amazing.

    On a happy note! I loved that Diane noticed Clay’s hair was darker, cracked me up. The footage of Clay dancing with the kids in Indonesia was priceless!!!!

    Clay Aiken is a caring and talented man – these clips prove that. Can’t wait for what’s next!!


  5. Those were fantastic days. Will we ever really know what happened? And what went wrong?
    Is Clay still working with Unicef?

  6. I so remember this show on GMA. I watched and taped the show and was so excited. I think he really rocked the whole stage when he sang Back For More. Too bad it wasn’t on his album, like Diane said. Guess RCA had different plans..won’t say anymore than that. I also loved Suspicious Minds..wish he could record that some day. What a crowd.

    Well, I’m just waiting for him to rock our socks off again. The Best Is Yet To Come.

  7. What a great show that was. Since this was right after the start of the JBT, I hadn’t seen any clack or heard any of the songs. I loved BFM, and Suspicious Minds has long been a favorite Elvis song of mine. Clay Aiken’s rendition tops them all.

  8. Good Morning Clay Aiken!!! Loved seeing Clay on GMA. His version of Suspicious Minds was beyond incredible! Wish Clay’s label had had the foresight to recognize what a hit Back For More would have been.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this appearance by Clay Aiken. Good music, good singing and good interview. Thanks musicfan for the blog.

  10. I remember reading a review in a NY daily newspaper of Clay’s appearance that morning on GMA: ‘Clay did Elvis better than Elvis’!!! Can’t get a better review than that!! I saw two concerts of Clay’s Jukebox Tour (Boston and NH) and they were 2 of the best concerts I have ever attended. Clay was PERFECT. His singing, bantering, adlibbing, etc. couldn’t have been better! His incredible crew were also at their best. I hope Clay can capture all that glory again and rise to the top….again!! (SOON!)

  11. Musicfan,

    Thank you for another memorable performance — Clay Aiken singing “Back for More” and “Suspicious Minds” in GMA’s Summer Concert Series at Bryant Park! Awesome videsos, too!

    Many thnx for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have a great week!


  12. Suspicious Minds was wonderful. I really would love to hear that again.

    Clay had to be tired that morning, but you could not tell by his performance.

    Thanks for another great blog.

  13. No one has mentioned the great outfit. I loved the shirt.

    It is always fun to see Clay performing in front of so many fans. He is a true star!!

    CANN…………I love visiting here. We get something new each day!! Thanks!!!

  14. What was so cool about this appearance on GMA was his performance of “Back For More.” It was only the second time he was performing it and so many in the audience were singing along to the chorus. It’s a shame Clay’s not as fond of the song as we are. I’d love to have a studio version of it.

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