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The enthusiasm is continuing today as Clay Aiken fans celebrate the new National Inclusion Project.

We have been contacted by some of the Clay Aiken fan boards who want to honor Clay and the National Inclusion Project.  Some have started fund-raisers to support the goal of inclusion for all children.

Most of the boards are asking their members to celebrate the new name and new website by making a donation through their Beta Alpha Chapter.  What an excellent idea to show support for the National Inclusion Project and their mission of full inclusion.

Please check with your home board for more information and guidelines about their celebration gift.  And don’t forget to check the Beta Alpha circle on the donation form so your home board gets the credit.

Jon Bon Jovi and Desmond Child wrote the song “These Open Arms.”  Featured on Clay Aiken’s album, A Thousand Different Ways, the song was one of the more popular tracks on the album.  A professional video of Clay performing this song was made.  Some fans  found the video on sites throughout Europe.  So…… is the video of “These Open Arms” by international star, Clay Aiken!


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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Beta Alpha Chapters

  1. What a marvelous idea to celebrate this new chapter for Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project!!

    I love These Open Arms too – amazing it was found by one of Clay's many international fans and shared with the rest of us.

    Thanks CANN!!

  2. Clay Aiken fans are the absolute best. They are caring and giving people. The thing is, Clay knows his fans are enthusiastic, but he also knows they care, especially for children.

    I am proud and honoured to be a Clay Aiken supporter, as this is an honourable man, who is making a difference. Sounds pretty good to me. I will be going to my home board today to donate and help the cause for inclusion for all children.


  3. I adore “These Open Arms”. I really wanted it to be released to radio….it would have been a huge success. Thanks for putting the video up. I’ll be stuck over here for a while watching!

    Clay Aiken has recorded some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time. I still believe it’s just a matter of time before his music is heard by a wider audience!

  4. This is one of my favorite songs off of ATDW. I always felt this was a song that would have been huge on the radio. Clay looks like he really enjoys singing it, he puts so much emotion into it. I too will be watching this video over and over. Thanks once again CANN for the great blog and info for donations.

  5. Love that people are wanting to donate to celebrate the new name!

    And yes, so many of his songs could have easily been great hits and succeeded on the radio…..this is a great video! Thanks~

  6. Clay and Diane should be so proud (as should the supporters) of the progress the BAF has made and now to rename it to be a standalone project makes a lot of sense. Smart move by a smart man and his team.

    This certainly was worthy news which we can all celebrate with Clay. Now we will have to wait until "soon" to get some career related news.

    Long live the National Inclusion Project!

  7. When we decided to become fans of Clay Aiken, we sure choose wisely.

    Congratulations to Clay, on the new name of his charity.

  8. The new name for Clay Aiken’s foundation is more reflective of the foundation’s goal. Seems like the new name as been in the works for awhile. Clay mentioned it more than once at least a couple years ago in meet and greets.

  9. I think it’s a great idea to donate to the National Inclusion


    I, also, loved These Open Arms and wished it was released to the

    radio. It could have been a big hit. He sings it so well and

    passionately. Love that song!

  10. I love These Open Arms. And I love watching all the music videos showing only him and musicians in a studio. No acting or models required. Pure singing and music. Captivating.

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