Clay Aiken – From Japan To Germany

When we first started this blog in January, 2009, I don’t think I had any idea what to expect.  At the time, I thought it might be fun to write about and support Clay Aiken and the music field.  It was a new hobby and I wondered if anyone would actually read what I wrote.

This new project has become an exciting adventure and I am in awe at what has happened.  It is amazing to realize that Clay Aiken has fans all over the world. And, these fans are reaching out to get more information about him.  In their quest for more information about Clay, they click on our site and read the latest news and reviews of Clay.

It is so much fun to see readers from Japan to Germany; from Viet Nam to Israel; from Senegal to Costa Rica.  In the last 3 days, we have had visitors from 55 different and unique countries from every corner of the world.  And most of them have visited more than once.

I guess I was pretty naïve.  I did not know that Clay had fans in so many places in the world.  It would be fun to hear from some of our far-flung readers.  We would love to know how you learned about Clay Aiken and also learn  something about you.  Your comments would be enjoyed by all and don’t worry if English is not your first language.

Clay Aiken fans are some of the best people in the world.  Besides being supportive of Clay, they help and support their fellow fans with transportation, tickets, and just good, old-fashioned friendship.  I am so glad that our family has reached world-wide status.

There is no doubt that Clay would be successful touring internationally.  I hope that he has the opportunity to do that soon.

A big thank you to all of our readers for your support.  Your clicks and comments are appreciated.  Looking into the future, I can see a bright and exciting future for Clay.  With his talent and determination, he has the whole world in front of him. And you can count on CANN to be here, following and reporting on all his professional projects.

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107 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – From Japan To Germany

  1. Welcome Navchaa!!! Your English is wonderful! and thanks for the kind words about the montages – that would be me 🙂

    Please be sure to post often and if you have any questions just ask. One thing I can GUARANTEE Clay Aiken fans LOVE to talk about him 😀

  2. Hello Jenn, Daina and Navchaa!! I’m so glad you found Clay and that you are also posting! Your english is so much better than my only other language I can say a few words of. You are doing great! Soon we’ll all have a new CD to enjoy, and I’m hoping that we ALL get to go to a concert in this coming year! He has such a beautiful voice and his concerts are breathtaking!

  3. Hi.
    SueRue, Thank you for reply. You are so kind and welcoming person.
    i am never been addicted to the singers. But
    now i am addicted to Clay. Cant get enough
    of him. he is the REAL DEAL. That is for sure.
    I hope with Decca he will get what he deserves.
    i want to see him live. How is he looks in real
    life? Cuz video image is little bit different
    than in real life. He looks so gorgeous and hot in the video. he should be handsome
    and hottier in live.
    Could you explain one thing? I watched Jimmy Kimmel monolouge about Clay and Ripa feud.
    Is Kimmel dissing Clay or not? Or it is just his joke.

    • Hello again navhcaa!!

      First, Clay is absolutely more handsome in person. He has the most amazing green eyes and his smile just lights up the room!

      I think Jimmy Kimmel was just joking about Clay, but he was definitely dissing Rosie!! Clay & Jimmy are friends. Clay was on Jimmy’s show after that happened, so it’s all okay.

      Please be sure to ask if you have any more questions! If I can’t answer, I’ll find someone who can 😀

  4. Hi,SueRue.
    Me and freind of mine sitting and talking about
    Clay. She is also new fan of Clay like me.
    She is russian. She doesnt know english.
    So she asking: Why is Clay refused to sing the “Touch”? We watched together video montage
    of “Broken wings”. His rendition of old songs
    always better than original. it is like hearing
    it for the first time. is there any other video when he sang BW in his concert tour?

    • Clay has said that the reason he doesn’t perform Touch is that he just doesn’t like the song 🙂

      Clay has never performed Broken Wings in concert, but it is quite possibly my favorite song on A Thousand Different Ways (and he said it was one of his favorites too!!)

      I posted a link to under this post. I don’t know if it will work, but if it doesn’t we’ll figure something out!

  5. Wonderful to find you here! I love this young man…. He is so very well liked by so many people. I have followed him a lot and have seen him in person three times in the Twin City area of Minnesota. He is great on stage. He, I think, has been more followed online than any other American Idol….win or lose…,.Many many websites were created for him and ran hard for over 5 years……He is wonderful. Thanks for yet another place to read about him.

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