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Has it only been two days?   Clay Aiken’s Official Fan Club announced the news that Clay signed a record deal with Universal Music’s Decca Records on Monday afternoon.

In the last 36 hours, I have enjoyed learning more about the Universal Music Group and Decca Records.  Although history is important, I have been concentrating on the future and how this huge company will help and support Clay Aiken.  So, I have been finding little bits of information and will pass them along.

Last night, I read that in May of 2009, Universal Music Group led the competition as one of the country’s Top 10 online music destinations.  The data was compiled by comScore, a recognized leader in measuring the digital world.

Ranking number 8 in the Entertainment Music Category, UMG’s online music properties include cutting-edge and dynamic artist-related web sites. These artist sites feature premium audio and video product, editorial content, news and online shopping.  That sounds like something I would love to see for Clay.

It was also announced that later this year, UMG will collaborate with Google to launch Vevo, a music and video entertainment service.  Vevo will have music videos, interviews, concert footage and some backstage videos.

According to UMG chief, Doug Morris:

“Vevo will bring the most compelling premium music video content and services to the world’s single largest online video audience. We believe that at launch, Vevo will already have more traffic than any other music video site in the United States and in the world.”

The site will be completely owned by Universal Music Group.  Their YouTube channel has more views than any other in the world, calculated to be at 3.5 billion.  Google will be in charge of the technology aspects of the service.

The Internet site Wired seems to think that Vevo could become “the” place on the web that can legally play or allow site to embed content.  They said,

“If this works, YouTube, as Vevo, really could save the music business.”

It is interesting to see that Universal Music Group is not marking time, but moving ahead and trying to bring the music business up to date and thinking outside the box.   It makes me excited to see what Decca has planned for Clay.

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33 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Thinking Outside The Box

  1. I am very excited about seeing Clay Aiken “move ahead” with Decca.
    Sure does sound like a perfect fit.

  2. Thanks Musicfan for bringing over all this information about UMG / Decca. This just seems like such a good fit, cause Clay has always been one to think out of the box, and now so does his record label.

    Great things to come for sure!!!!


  3. Wow, a label who doesn’t have their head in the sand! UMG is definitely on the right road to continue to be a viable label – not so sure about the others

    Good for UMG and wonderful for Clay Aiken!

    musicfan, thanks for the interesting article – it’s good to know that the ENTIRE industry won’t sink.

  4. Thank you for researching on this. I was wondering when the music industry would take advantage of the promotion the internet offers besides picture ads of CD’s and the possibilities of viewing concerts on line!

  5. Very interesting information here, and kudos to Clay Aiken for recognizing the changes and signing with Decca Records

  6. This is excellent news for everyone.
    I’ve always liked Clay’s voice; he
    has incredible control. I hope to
    attend a concert once his new CD is
    out – 2010 should be an excellent
    year for him; I know I’m looking
    forward to what his voice his add
    to new songs. He’s certainly deserving.

  7. Thanks, Musicfan, for bringing us all the info. I think Clay has finally found the right home. Can’t wait for our next “soon” but it has a time frame!

  8. GREAT news! Clay is extremely talented;
    I saw him in Spamalot last year; was very
    surprised at his comedic abilities [the
    entire cast was hilarious!].

    Glad to see him with a good label, the
    best actually!

  9. Clay has a great future in the music business now! Viewing concerts online??? YEA!!!!! Professionally shot YEA!!!!! I hope we can get a few concert DVDs soon!

    Great choice in a label Clay!!!

  10. In the last 2 days CANN has brought us some very interesting and informative information about UMG/Decca and Vevo. I am so glad that Clay Aiken has signed with this great 21 Century acting record company. There are forward looking just like Clay. Can't wait for 2010 so I can hear Clay's new music!!!!!

  11. Well this is great news! I just opened
    my google mail and found your blog and
    the news of Clay Aiken’s new label.
    I love his voice..

    Looking forward to some new songs from
    Clay in 2010 — perhaps a concert if
    he tours.

    Thanks for such a great site!

  12. I hope that now Clay will get the promotion that he so is so deserving of and his new CD is a real winner.

  13. Wow…I think Clay found him a sure fit in the music business. I like how they are looking forward to the future..and thinking out of the box. Can’t wait for that new music from Clay..he is so deserving..and it is about time too. Love it!!

  14. I love the song Bridge Over Troubled Water,
    especially the version Clay Aiken sings,
    thanks for putting it on your website.

    I’m really excited about his new career
    move; it seem like Decca/Universal and\
    Clay were meant to be!

  15. I’m excited for this move. Decca sounds like a classy operation, and we all know Clay Aiken is a classy guy.

  16. Thank you, musicfan, for another well written, informative article. It’s amazing all the things I’m learning about the music industry at the Clay Aiken News Network!! Looks like Clay has signed up with a forward thinking company which will benefit him and the label in the long run!

  17. This is all so exciting!! Decca Records and Clay Aiken seem made for each other. Looking forward to new music from this very talented artist!

  18. I’m so looking forward to seeing what UMG/Decca has in store for Clay. I have a great feeling that they are going to do the very best for our guy. they are smart enugh to know a winner when they see one.

  19. Vevo sounds fascinating. I can;t wait for Clay and his songs to be in the modern age – to be downloaded, used for TV and movies, etc etc etc. UMG sounds like the perfect place to be!

  20. The joining of Decca records and Clay Aiken’s talents is so exciting. Looking forward to new and wonderful music from this match.

  21. I’m looking so forward to Clay’s new music and partnership with Decca! I am so excited I can’t hardly stand it!!!

  22. I think Decca is a perfect match for Clay. They seem to be forward thinking & I can’t wait to see the results of their collaboration!!

  23. Incredible news! My friend called me, I’m
    on vacation in Hawaii – I can’t wait for the
    new CD — perhaps a tour ?? Great news !!
    Congratulations Clay !!

  24. Decca and Universal Music Group seem to be looking to the future. I am glad that Clay has joined their team.

    Thanks for all the information

  25. I love this blog and the wonderful work you do. Its amazing the number of people from different countries who have found Clay without any PR. Can’t wait for the new music.
    BTW…Canada is international. Don’t we get a flag??? LOL

    • Maddie…..I bet you meant to comment at the International thread. However, we are just glad you are here and posting.

      I love all our Canadian friends……….but I couldn’t post all 55 flags!!

      Thanks for your support!!

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