Clay Aiken Is On YouTube

As a fan of Clay Aiken, I have come to enjoy YouTube.  It has given me the opportunity to re-live many Clay Aiken memories and, even more importantly, has allowed us to watch many artistic montages by some talented fans.

YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees, who, after witnessing the boom of online grassroots video, realized the need for a decent service that made the process of uploading, watching and sharing videos hassle-free. They registered the domain on February 15th, 2005 and developed the site over the following months from a garage in Menlo Park. In November 2005, YouTube made its debut with a $3.5 million of funding from Sequoia Capital.

In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion, and is now operated as a subsidiary of Google.

The service of YouTube is completely free for its users.  The company makes it money by having banner advertising, sponsorships, partnerships and promotions.

The biggest problem with YouTube seems to be copyright infringements.  There have not been a lot of lawsuits over copyright infringement as the site has taken down videos to settle some complaints.  It is up to the copyright holders to issue the takedown notice.

One of the great things about YouTube is that the concept – uploading, viewing and sharing videos seems to appeal to nearly every age, race, and nationality. Their growth has been truly phenomenal.  Used by millions everyday, they have made an exceptional name for themselves and have become the company that changed the way the world watches videos.

Over the last two weeks, over 12 million people have watched the popular wedding march on YouTube.  Because of this, YouTube is bragging that they are forging a positive relationship with the music industry.  The wedding party danced down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”  The video is responsible for the song becoming an unexpected hit.  According to Billboard, the song sold 50,000 downloads during the first week the wedding was on YouTube.  That marks the highest sale for Brown since December of 2008.

Perhaps the music labels should take note of this.  The labels have been afraid of allowing any free downloads on-line while the independent artists have been doing it successfully for a few years.

Do you use YouTube?  Do you download Clay Aiken performances?  Well, we certainly use them here.  They make enjoying Clay so much easier.

So………lets see a Clay Aiken video!!


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  1. Thanks to our amazing clack gatherers and montage makers, Clay Aiken is ALL OVER youtube!!! And what a great thing that is. Thanks for the, as always, wonderfully informative article. The record companies may be coming to the slow realization of what a great, free for them, marketing tool this is for music. We've been very lucky to have all the clack that is available of Clay on youtube! Can't wait to start seeing some of his NEW music highlighted there as well!!

  2. Yes, Youtube seems to be a good marketing tool. I love watching Clay’s concerts etc on it…and do quite a bit…


  3. I definitely youtube! I believe some of us “you tube” so much they should re-name it after us! The world is changing and the industries need to change with it. I’d never heard of that Chris Brown song before I saw it on you tube. If they’d have taken it down, I still wouldn’t have heard it. (One less possible sale since you can’t buy a song you’d never heard.)
    I also wasn’t watching “America’s got talent” until I was sent a link to Kevin Skinner’s appearance. I’m also watching that show now. Another viewer possibly lost if they’d have pulled that too.

  4. In a way I understand why labels pull songs, but to me they’re missing the big picture. Just think if RCA would have included a download link to the Obama Montage set to Something About Us. While that video doesn’t have even close to 12M hits, if 5% of the people who viewed it had downloaded the song after viewing the video that would be 32,500 downloads – that would have been free money, the label put no money into that video.

    The labels need to rethink what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. They’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

  5. Excellent point, Sue! There are a lot of “what ifs” in Clay world and the whole issue of using YouTube for promotion has been one of them this fandom has been talking about for a very long time now.

  6. Yes, I would easily say that I spend probably 40% of my time each day on UTube. Maybe the labels should wake up about getting behind some of the singers video’s out there.

    Anyway, I sure enjoy watching all of Clay’s video’s and the wonderful montages that his fans put out there.

  7. The record label suits need to get with current technology or they most surely will be the “last of a dying breed”*.

    *Everything I Don’t Need from On My Way Here

  8. The major industries, including music, film and TV have always been behind when technology moves forward. They are not able to change their business model and won’t try. I’m glad Clay Aiken fans are tech smart, and can take advantage of the technology to share Clack!

  9. Do I use YouTube? You betcha! I can get totally immersed in it very easily. There’s always something of Clay Aiken’s I haven’t seen before, and lots of other entertainment–like the wedding march.

    As far as copy-write infringement, I don’t understand the companies that zap the uploads using the music, it’s free advertising isn’t it??

    Linking to YouTube from a blog is so neat, I have two videos in my current one!

  10. Of course I’ve enjoyed video of Clay Aiken as well as many other artists on youTube. Recording companies are again missing the boat by taking videos off youTube. Articles have been written about how the recording industry is trying to hang onto the old way of doing things while technology moves forward. One would think with the success of the Chris Brown video that recording companies would be scrambling to get their artists on youTube to promote them.

  11. Musicfan,

    I always enjoy reading your blogs because you provide so much background information. Thank you for the YouTube lesson.

    One can get lost at YouTube watching Clay Aiken videos and montages. It is also a great blog source for embedding these remarkable creations.

    Thnx again for another great blog!


  12. I have often found myself lost in YouTube watching Clay Aiken.

    Thanks so much for this blog! Loved seeing the Always and Forever–never get tired of that one.

  13. YouTube is a huge part of the internet. I don’t understand how anyone would not want the publicity that comes with the use of one of the songs. It is a prime example of why the recording industry is losing status and money!!

  14. I have recently started using YouTube. It is so easy and you get a taste of what the music and artist is like. It helps me decide what to buy!!

    Too bad the “suits” are so old they can’t keep up!!

  15. If Clay Aiken’s name is on the YouTube, I will watch it.

    The guys who founded YouTube really made a bundle, selling it to Google.

    Thank you for the information. I love CANN

  16. I didn’t realize YouTube is only 5 years old. We’re fortunate to have this vehicle to share our Clack with the world.

  17. Thank goodness for Clack and YouTube. I would not have been a fan otherwise. And miss the Clay train… what a depressing thought!

    Clay should nominate a fan to interview him and have it posted on YouTube. What a treat that would be.

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