Clay Aiken – Just You

What were you doing on April 24th, 2009??  If you were like many of Clay Aiken fans, you were following Clay as he answered fan questions at his Official Fan Club…….FOR 7 HOURS!!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Clay gave us all a gift.  I don’t know about you, but I immediately downloaded the new song and sent a small donation to the TBAF.

Clay really appreciates his fans and always tries to do what he can to show it.   Thank you, Clay for sharing so much with us!!

The talented SueReu made a wonderful video about Clay, using Clay’s gift to us….the song, Just You.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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29 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Just You

  1. What a man huh? Can you imagine that…Clay being on line for 7 hours….and then giving us a gift….


    Suerue…thank you so much for the video….lovely…..I just love the song..I sent my donation as well…

    Thank you Musicfan…


  2. I just wanted to add, that these songs that Clay let us first hear back on the Jukebox Tour of 2005….were suppose to be on his sophomore CD, but when RCA changed his direction, they were left by the wayside….What a shame…. I do know that BACK FOR MORE, would have been a huge hit for Clay….The song went over so well at the concerts….People stood up, got right into it….RCA made a huge mistake there. But I am confident that Clay will come back with what he wants now….and this gives me a good feeling….


  3. Question:

    Daily Quote.
    Don’t put a nail in my coffin – there’s still a chance…Clay Aiken.

    You’ve got my curiosity now…I can’t remember what that was from???? I don’t remember that quote….


  4. It was so nice of Clay to give us an unreleased song! He also spent 7 hours on the OFC with his fans answering questions! Clay is so AWESOME!!! I hope he comes back soon with some new music for us!!!

  5. April 24th was just SO MUCH FUN!!! I sat at my computer the ENTIRE 7 hours, can’t think of much that would have pulled me away 🙂

    Thanks for using my video musicfan!!

      • Hi Cathie! sorry I missed this. No, he just pops in and starts answering LOL!!! Are you on any of the message boards? The news that he’s online starts spreading like WILD FIRE!!!!

        • Hi, Sue…I’m just finding places related to Clay in the last week. I found Clackunlimited, yuku and we became friends on FB. And you helped me find the q&a at his fan club…thank you very much. It was wonderful to read it. Couldn’t stop til I was done…got a crick in my neck and my son was sooooo hungry. But I needed my Clay fix. LOL…you know what I mean. When you say message boards, does the above qualify, or do i go to fan hq? I’m clueless :-)! I never even realised he had all those concerts, but thanks to you, I feel like I was there. Love your videos, Sue…you do such wonderful work!

        • You’re very sweet Cathie (and hopefully this will show up under YOUR response and not mine)

          Yuku is probably The Clayboard – that is a Message Board and I’m sure that they start a “He’s Online” thread over there!!

    • I loved it too, it makes you wonder though what else has been left on the shelf untouched. RCA screwed up big time, they had a winner with Clay and let him slip away or drove him away.

      • I was just talking to a friend about that yesterday. If Just You is any indication, I would love to hear what else RCA scrapped. I love ATDW, I truly do, but not as a sophomore CD……

        If Clay “owns” the recordings (like Just You) maybe we’ll get a chance to hear more.

        • I hope your right, cuz it appears he’s always/might be listening to demos on his ipod and has recorded a butt load full. I think he said at one time that he had recorded enough songs he could put out (blank) many CD’s at one time. Do you recall that?

        • I think Clay said that he only owned “Just You” not the others. He owned this one because he paid for the recording and before he could be repaid by RCA, they changed the direction of the CD, so the master stayed with Clay.

  6. I was thinking that if Clay owned the songs, he could put them on a CD under any label……….that would be great!!

  7. When Clay Aiken sang Just You at the JBT, that was the one song I wasn’t crazy about. BUT, the version he have us knocked my socks off! This one has the emotion dripping from it..and now it’s tops in my list. A truly lasting gift that deserved a donation to the BAF.

  8. Thanks so much Sue. You do such amazing work.
    Musicfan, what would we do without you?

    I love Clay Aiken and I love Clay Aiken News Network!

  9. I just love the song. Downloaded it immediately and have played it over and over. Loved the idea of the BAF donation and wouldn’t mind if he did that with other songs–very generous of him. But, that’s our Clay–generous and always thinking of others.

    Thank you Clay Aiken for this beautiful song. Thanks, sue for the great video and thanks CANN for bring us these reports–look forward to them.

  10. Great video!! I would love to hear some of the other songs that Clay recorded at the same time as this song. It would have been a wonderful album……..a real hit!! Really sad!!!

  11. Another great blog. I can always count on something new every day!!

    Sue….great video

    Musicfan…..thanks for what you do!!

  12. I missed getting the download of the song. I am glad to hear it right here!!

    What happened with the songs? Why didn’t they get on the CD? I missed all that.

    • RCA decided to change the CD to cover songs :-\ so most of what was previously recorded was scrapped. My GUESS (and I don’t know this for a fact) is that A Thousand Days made the cut from the original CD to ATDW. I’m not sure about Everything I Have or Lonely No More – they may have been included specifically for ATDW and were never meant to be on the first CD (now I’m rambling so I’d better stop)

      • Thanks for the answer. Why in the world would RCA make such a stupid decision, especially since so much work had already been done on the album. It made Clay look bad and I thought they wanted him to succeed.

        I was glad to read that he is no longer with RCA.

  13. Yes, I was on line at the OFC that night for 7 hours too…best 7 hours I ever spent. I d/l “Just You.” Beautiful song. I just love Clay’s voice. Just scrape me up off the floor now.

    Love your version too Suerue. Just watched it. All I can say, is Clay is one in a million for the things he does for his fans. I will always be a fan of his. Yes, at that time, I did make a donation to the Bubel-Aiken Foundation, and glad to do it.

  14. I love Just You. Wish it was on his CD’s…still hope for it on the future CD’s.

    Thanks so much Sue, you are so talented, I love your video!!!

    Musicfan, thanks for all that you do!!!

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