Clay Aiken – Lights, Please!

The Barbara Mann Performing Arts Center is in Ft. Myers, Florida.  As part of the Edison Community College, the new theater seats 1,753 patrons.

On August 16, 2007, Clay Aiken performed at the Mann Theater as part of his Soft Rock and A Hard Place tour.  Accompanied by a professional orchestra, the concert was received well by the residence of the area and the fans that traveled to see the show.

Since the four concerts in Florida were scheduled for the end of the tour, most of the audience knew what to expect and was excited to see and hear Clay perform some of the songs from his latest CD and some fun medleys.

But the audience was surprised by two unusual and fun occurrences during the concert.  The first was when Clay spotted Scarlett, one of the best “Clack” gatherers in the front row, filming the concert.  After teasing her, he asked for the camera and took some “Clack” of his own.  It was a fun addition to the concert that Scarlett filmed with her back-up camera.  The audience was in stitches and the orchestra on stage was laughing too.

The other unusual event that night had to do with a spot-light technician who must not have been too bright, or….. maybe he was sleepy!!  Quiana Parler always ended the first half of the concert with a wonderful rendition of “When The Lights Go Down.”  But for some reason, the technician would not put the spotlight on her.  Clay spoke to the guy, signaled to him, walked over to Quiana and signaled again.  But……no, the light stayed on Clay.  So, Clay sat on Quiana’s stool and Quiana sat on his lap.  That situation would make it difficult for anyone to perform, but Clay added to the fun by teasing and caressing her arms and back.  How could she concentrate??  And with all the craziness, Quiana’s performance was spectacular!

According to reports, the concert was wonderful.  Angela, Jesse, Sean and Quiana all added their talent to the concert, but the night belonged to Clay.

After the concert, Clay, accompanied by his bodyguard, Jerome, walked the entire handshake line which twisted through the street.  Then, it was back in the bus and a ride to the next tour stop.

Below, you will find videos of the two special events of the Ft. Myers Concert.  There is also video of two of my favorite songs.  It will have to tide us over for a few more months.





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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Lights, Please!

  1. I loved the SRHP tour. Every concert had something fun and memorable. Loved the part where the spotlight stayed on Clay. Some of the best things during this tour were the unplanned happenings. That’s what makes Clay such an amazing entertainer–he can just ad lib so well. He was born to do this. Hope he’ll be doing it again ‘soon.’

  2. I loved the SRHP Tour! Clay is the ultimate performer! I loved it when he had Quiana sit on his lap so the spotlight would shine on her. He takes every mishap and makes it into an event! I can't wait to see him in concert again!!!!

  3. Thanks Musicfan…Love seeing these clips. Yes, the SRHP Tour was fantastic…It’s no wonder that people go to so many concerts….each one is different and unique….

    Seeing Clay in concert is the absolute best….I always feel rejunivated and refreshed each and every time I see him….and can’t wait for the next….


  4. Thank you for the videos; it only goes to show what
    an overall talent Clay Aiken is. Truly a gifted performer.
    Again, my thanks for posting these videos.

  5. Unfortunatley I want not at either of these Clay Aiken concerts, but thanks to all the wonderful clack we have I was able to participate in the fun right here at home!!! What fun to see the tables turned on Scarlet and how Clay and Quiana handled the wayward spotlight with such spontaneity and good humor. Thanks for the memories!!

  6. 🙂 Thanks for the videos (and happy birthday 😉 )

    Clay Aiken is amazing in concert. No, not concerts – events! The music may be the same (at least most of the times, sometimes he does kind of mix it up a bit) but every single concert is different. That’s because Clay actually connects with the audience rather than just going through the paces and the set list.

  7. What a great time that tour was! So much fun, and funny! All of them so relaxed and just having a good time and providing the audience with a wonderful night of music. Clay Aiken, Quaina Parlor, and Angela Fisher make a great team.

  8. I loved the SRHP Tours. What makes them so special is because he connects with his audience and has them all in stitches. I went to the last tour in Orlando..and he was singing with a lady in the balcony. She was having a ball up there. We all enjoyed it in the audience too. Can’t wait for his next tour…he is just the best there is.

  9. I love the videos. Thanks for posting them. I bet that lighting guy got an earful at the end of the concert!! And, its amazing that Quiana could sing at all!!

    I love this place!!

  10. Funny stuff!! And the music is pretty wonderful too.

    I can’t wait for another tour!!

    Thank you for posting today and did I read that its your birthday??

  11. Each concert is different because of Clay Aiken’s quick wit and connection with the audience. I’ve been to concerts where the singers just stand on stage or move around putting on a show, but not really connecting to the audience. I’ve never been to a Clay concert where he did not make an audience connection.

  12. Fort Myers Clay Aiken concert was so much fun, I was rolling on the floor laughing–and I wasn’t even there!
    My wish is to be in tour!

  13. I loved looking at those clips again. It just shows how talented Clay is at taking whatever it is and running with it in his shows. He has such a fabulous comedic gift as well as that angelic voice. This makes for a totally satisfying concert. Thanks so much for posting these!

  14. Incredible youtube videos, thank you for gathering them up into one blog. I love to read your blog and look forward to it every day. Thank you for being such a treat.

  15. Musicfan,

    Thank you for an excellent look back at the Ft. Myers SRHP Concert! Great minds (and all that, LOL!), I will a CANN link in the Carolina entry on the same topic.

    Have a wonderful week!


  16. I was at that concert in Fort Myers. I think it was the sweetest thing ever the way Clay let Quiana sit on his lap so that the spot light would stay on her. Clay always seems appreciative of all his band members. I especially love the camaraderie between Clay and Quiana and Angela. I see true friendship.

  17. Those were fun momments. Hopefully next summer we’ll be taking road trips to Clay concerts again.

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