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INgrooves is a digital distribution, marketing and promotion company and is fast becoming a favorite of music acts in all stages of their career.

Robb McDaniels is the CEO of the company. He says that INgroove is a service company that acts much like an indie record company, but does not want to be a record label.

INgrooves provides clients customized distribution, marketing, promotion, synch licensing and administrative support to help maximize the earnings potential of specific releases.

One of the 7-year-old company’s most important clients is Universal Music Group, the largest of the top four recording companies.  About a year ago, UMG made a strategic investment in INgrooves.  The company will provide UMG with digital distribution services on behalf of all of UMG’s major labels in North America.

On August 12, 2009, the two companies announced that their relationship has expanded.

INgrooves will now take on the responsibility for the distribution of all mobile products including ringtones, ringbacks, games, video, streaming, wallpapers and other various mobile applications.

Jim Urie is President and Chief Executive Officer of UMGD.  He said the following about this expansion:

“The expansion of our agreement with INgrooves is a natural evolution for us and our business partners.  Since we began our relationship with Robb and the INgrooves team, we have been impressed with their unmatched technology and the value-added services they bring to the table. This comprehensive approach will enable us to provide even more services, all of which will result in more opportunities for our labels and artists.”

In the last week, I have done a great deal of research about Universal Music Group.  I have learned about Vevo, about TuneCore, and now INgrooves.  I don’t pretend to be an expert in the field as I am only beginning to understand something about the music industry.  What I do know is that Universal Music Group is a company that is making many changes in hopes of keeping up with the ever-changing world of digital music.  They want the very best for their artists and so they are reaching out for help from young, innovative companies who are not afraid of change.

Clay Aiken is a talented man, but it is obvious that he is also an intelligent person who spent time deciding what was right for his future.  His decision to choose Decca/Universal seems to be just the right thing.  Congratulations to both Clay Aiken and Decca Records.

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  1. What an insightful and informative blog. Thank you for garnering information on INgrooves; unfamiliar with their

    input into the musical industry; and the entree into the internet is most interesting…smart move if it's going to happen.

    Appreciated all your efforts in providing such an indepth look at the interworkings of UMG.

  2. The information that you have provided about the record industry and UMG has been great. As you have been learning about it, so have we ~~ through your blog. Thanks so much for all your research. Love your blog and visit it every day!! Wouldn’t miss it!!

  3. Very interesting article. I hope you will continue to bring more information to CANN about the digital industry. It is such a change from the hard copy music, that some of us are only now seeing the possibilities, much like the music industry! Too bad it took them, who should have been leading the way, a decade to get in line with the new technology.

  4. I felt that promotion of this kind would be the most important ingredient in any new label negotiations for Clay. His total lack of promo previously would have made this paramount for his future. Thank you so much for doing all this research and finding this info for us.

  5. Decca really is thinking outside the box. Much unlike RCA. Maybe one day RCA will wake up and realize that “hey maybe we should try some of the things other record labels are doing to promote artists!”

    I really think Decca is a great label for Clay! I hope they utilize every type of promotion there is!

  6. Thanks for another fascinating article musicfan!!

    It is refreshing to see a label actually moving forward. My guess would be UMG will be #1 for a very long time, more than likely leaving their competitors in the dust.

    The industry is changing, radio is changing, distribution is changing. UMG seems to be on the cutting edge.

    Clay Aiken made a very wise decision when he signed with UMG – it will be good for him to be under their umbrella. I cannot WAIT to hear & see more!!

  7. Interesting blog. It only cements my opinion that moving to Decca/Universal was no doubt a brilliant move by Clay Aiken. He’s talent is undeniable.

  8. I have never heard of INgrooves – thank you for the information! I love your video, Sorry seems to be the hardest word is one of my favorite Clay songs.

  9. From what you’ve found in the last week or two, Universal Music Group appears to be positioning themselves to take advantage of what the internet has to offer vs trying to fight the internet’s effects on the way things have always been. Very smart!

  10. Very interesting blog. I think Clay made a smart move to sign up with Universal/Decca. I am sure he will benefit from it. His talent is undeniable.

  11. “In the last week, I have done a great deal of research about Universal Music Group. I have learned about Vevo, about TuneCore, and now INgrooves.”

    I have too, the Decca/Universal fingers are into all the pies it seems; I’m so very happy for Clay Aiken. Thank
    you for a very interesting look into the workings of how
    things will pan out for Clay.

  12. I am glad you blogged about this. I do not understand the workings of the music business today and your recent blogs have let me know the direction some of it is going to. I think Clay’s new label is on the cutting edge in keeping up with the technology to best utilize their client roster. I feel good about them. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these things.

  13. I think you are dead on with that, musicfan, that Clay chose Decca/Universal because they are a forward thinking company with an eye toward the future of the music industry. And seeking Clay out to become a part of their roster also shows their desire to bring the best of the best along for the ride! I think this is going to be a very rewarding relationship for the label and for Clay!

    Thank you so much for the research you do and the incredibly informative articles you’ve brought to us!

  14. Clay Aiken and his alliance with UMG Decca is a great move. It’s obvious digital music is taking over, and reading your blog is really informative about the process.
    I have a lot to learn about the digital process, so keep the great news coming! Thanks Musicfan.

  15. Another great article about the future of the music business and how UMG is at the forefront and working with their artists for the maximum exposure. I am happy the Clay Aiken is now part of Decca/Universal and will finally be marketed correctly.

  16. Wonderful information and informative article. While other labels cling to the old model, it sounds like Universal Music Group is moving forward in using today’s technology. Good for Clay Aiken for signing with this label.

  17. What an insightful blog. I’m thrilled that Clay Aiken has decided to sign with Decca/Universal, it’s the #1 label in the industry, their pool of talent is unsurpassed. Congratulations to Clay. Hope to see him touring once his new CD is released, he’s an incredible entertainer.

  18. Moving on to bigger and better things….absolutely! Clay is a man with brains, he knows what he is doing, always.

    Enlightening information from you again, thanks.

  19. Very interesting. I believe that Clay did make a wise decision with going with Universal/Decca. They sure sound like they are moving forward with the everchanging music industry. Thinking outside the box…. Just seems like such a good fit…. I cannot wait to see this all unfold… This is gonna be fun!!!!!


  20. Interesting article, thanks for posting it. Clay signing with UMG/Decca Records was a brilliant move IMO. Sounds like he’s
    in BETER hands now. Clay is a very talented, wonderous man.

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