Clay Aiken – Sounding Good

While we are waiting to hear new music from Clay Aiken, it seems like a good idea to go back and listen to some of his great songs.  Fortunately, it is possible to find  videos featuring some of the songs off of Clay’s album “On My Way Here”.  The following videos are great and I hope you enjoy them.







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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Sounding Good

  1. Oh..this is great…I loved watching these videos before, and will love to watch them all over again…..

    You just cannot get enough Clay…you just can’t!!!!!!


  2. I love OMWH!!! Especially ASHES!! This song should have been one of his singles. 😉
    Thank you for posting it!

  3. The setting is so beautiful for the AOL sessions, just let him sing all his songs in this kind of setting for music videos. No fancy choreographs or modelling required. Just great musicians playing in the background and Clay doing what he does best. I’d watch them all day.

  4. I love the songs you choose to put on your blogs;

    some of my favorites! The 90's JukeBoxTour video

    is pure Clay performance mode. He's awesome, can

    not wait until the new Decca/Universal begins to

    promote Clay Aiken, that will be a great day!!

  5. I could listen to Clay Aiken sing all day, every day. He has the most amazing voice – just pure, no gimmicks and no need for any gimmicks.

    Thanks musicfan for another great blog!

  6. What a great choice ~ thank you for putting these on your blog. Clay Aiken’s voice is unique, his talent is undeniable. The backup singer’s voices blend so well with Clay’s; I absolutely am in love with Lover All Alone; it
    would have been fitting if these particular song hit the charts. Looking forward to his new CD.

  7. Clay Aiken's "On My Way Here" album is wonderful. Such an excellent mix of songs and he nails every one of them.

    Watching him sing is always a delightful experience.

    Thanks for the videos!

  8. Thanks for putting up the videos, great choices. Clay’s voice
    is truly amazing, I love Everything I don’t Need. Clay is
    one talented, wonderous, sexy man, it’s undeniable.

  9. WONDERFUL VIDEOS ! Just goes to show that Clay Aiken’s voice is easily recognizable amongst the A-listers that
    have already been in the stable of Decca/Universal.
    I laughed, was in complete awe, with all these videos.
    Thank you very much for posting them.

  10. I enjoy Clay Aiken’s music, always have. A personal favorite of mine is “Everything I Don’t Need”. He
    sings the heck out of that song. Looking forward to
    new music from him in 2010. Thanks for the great blog.

    • Thanks Lisa….

      It’s true…you just can’t get enough…..

      I listen to Clay every day…seriously…since 2003…every day!!!!! Maybe it’s the tone? But I have never done that with anyone else in my life…. I could be out shopping somewhere…He could be on their music system, and I will stop in my tracks….it catches me…and I will just listen…wherever I am… It really is amazing…I am so in tune with him….


      • Everyday since 2003, wow! I’ve been listening everyday too, but only started this year, was hoping I would stop soon, prob not a chance. And I’ve not done this with anyone either, it’s a little unnerving but at the same time, totally cool with it.

  11. Sounding Good was a perfect title for this. He always sounds good. Love watching and hearing him sing–such a wonderful live performer!! Nobody can compare to our Clay Aiken!!

  12. Thank you for the great videos. They are wonderful! I never can get enough of Clay’s voice. I am so excited about his new album! Can’t wait!
    Love your blog here at Clay Aiken News Network.

  13. Thank you for all the wonderful video’s. IMO…OMWH was the best CD Clay ever put out. I I listened to it again on your video and when he sings in that low register it is so sexy. I also love EIDN and SAU..I could go on and on and it would include the whole CD. I listen to OMWH every day when I take my daily walk..and you can never have too much Clay Aiken.

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