Clay Aiken and BigChampagne

On August 18th, Universal Music Group entered into a long-term music monitoring and information deal with BigChampagne, the leading online music measurement company for North America.  BigChampagne will provide Universal with analysis of songs and listening patterns from music fans on social networks and online music services.

“As we continue to expand our services to our artists and partner labels, it’s important to utilize the best research tools available especially when it comes to the proliferation of music discovery and consumption on the web,” stated Jim Urie, President & CEO of Universal Music Group Distribution. “And with the addition of BigChampagne, we provide a comprehensive view of the marketplace, from the radio, online, and retail perspectives, all of which results in more opportunities for our artists and labels.”

By embracing a Web intelligence product, Universal is indicating how important the Internet has become to the music business.  It is also a sign to Nielsen’s media measuring company that Universal is not satisfied that they are equipped to provide all the information they need, especially when it comes to the internet.

Soundscan has been the leader in counting music purchases in the United States since 1992.  The Billboard charts rely on Soundscan for the calculations.  Exact numbers are not available, but it is estimated that Universal paid between 7 million and 8 million a year to Soundscan for their data.

Eric Garland is the CEO of BigChampagne. He said when his company started, people didn’t think there would ever be any company willing to spend money on internet-music listeners.  But, today, it is very important.

CNet spoke to Garland who said:

“The Internet has inherited the music business, When you look at MySpace plays, Rhapsody, iTunes,, all of that dwarfs traditional music purchasing. Instead of CDs, we paid attention to this sleepy little Internet thing, but it happened when no one was watching. Well, we were watching.”

Last week, BigChampagne rolled out BC Dash, a new browser-based tracking system that allows a user to monitor in real-time song sales or streams at a number of websites, offline locations and peer-to-peer networks. Some of the sources include iTunes, YouTube, MySpace, retail brick-and-mortar record stores and Limewire.  They hope that this improvement will give Universal the kind of intelligence that guides strategy.

So, bottom line……..what will BigChampagne do for Universal?  In easy terms, the company will collect information about how and where people enjoy popular music and then analyze the information to tell them what titles are most popular, who is interested and why.

The on-line world of music is ever-changing and developing.  It is good to see that Universal Music Group is forward looking and continuing to add partners to help them do an even better job for their artists.

It seems that Clay Aiken is in good hands.  It will be interesting to see how Decca uses all these new ideas as they work with Clay in the next few months.

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29 thoughts on “Clay Aiken and BigChampagne

  1. It really is a whole new world….

    You really have to keep current and know what is going on with your career in the music business. We all know Clay is smart, and has done his homework on this.

    I am so excited about this new phase in Clay’s career…this is really gonna be fun to watch and hear……

    Thanks Musicfan for all this information. I had never heard of “Big Champagne” at all… We are sure getting educated, and I am enjoying this so much…Very Interesting!!!!!!


  2. Very interesting, smart move by Clay to join UMG.
    This is the future ~ and UMG certainly seems ahead
    of their time. Informative blog re Big Champagne,
    which was completely unknown to me. Thank you.

  3. I’m so looking forward to seeing what a smart label can do working with Clay. God knows he wasn’t with a smart label previous to this.

    I love hearing about all this new information. My bookmarks are growing by the day and I love learning new things. Thanks for this blog.

  4. Clay Aiken and Big Champagne, how interesting is that! Surely when they say North America that Canada is finally included as no doubt about it, Clay Aiken has a LOT of fans here!!! Now for the whole world to be counted 🙂 Okay, one step at a time, eh!
    Thank you for this great information.

  5. Wonderful, informative blog. Thanks so much for all your efforts in keeping us up-to-date on all aspects of Clay’s career. You’re doing a fabulous job!

  6. Musicfan,

    Your information on the Big Champagne is just one more reason Clay Aiken fans can celebrate that his music is now under the Decca Universal umbrella.

    Thnx for an excellent blog!


  7. Thank you for looking for all the fact finding that you have been doing and bringing us all the most up to date information in regards to Clays future with DECCA. I can hardly wait to see how they use these tools to help Clay in aspects of his career. It really is exciting to see how Decca has stayed one step ahead of the competition.

  8. Another interesting article and additional proof that UMG is one step ahead of the game. Very interesting read!

    The music industry most definitely is changing – good to know that there are forward thinking companies and it’s even better to know that Clay Aiken has made the very wise decision of joining their roster.

  9. Clay was described by his friends as being progressive. It looks like Universal is progressive too. So Clay & Universal/Decca looks like it’s going to be a very good match.

  10. I am thrilled to read about the Big Champagne and Universal’s connection to it. It is so exciting for Clay and his future to be with a company that keeps up with the times, and finds new ways to promote their artists. Thank you so much for this article.

  11. I am so glad that Clay Aiken is with such a forward looking record label. Thanks CANN for all the latest info concerning UMG and the resources they are using to enhance their artist’s career.

  12. It seems from this article that UMG is a music company that strives to keep its artists out there with any new piece of technology available. Can’t see them keeping any of their people off radio or forcing them into CD material that is totally inappropriate for their careers. ie Covers as a second CD. This is Clay’s new beginning and I can’t wait.

  13. So excited about Clay’s new career with UMG and the “Big Champagne” connection. It sounds to me like Clay is in a good place with them. Can’t wait to see what transpires with them in the future…and of course…new music from Clay.

  14. Thanks for the information blog; never heard of “Big Champagne” before; very interesting. A lot of work went
    into this blog, I am most appreciative.

  15. Big Champagne sounds like a step towards the future; I’m so glad Clay Aiken signed with UMG. Can’t wait until his new CD comes out in 2010.

  16. Thank for the information re "Big Champagne", I have never heard of that sector of UMG before. It's a step into the future, which has already surpassed us, the 21st century online – I'm glad that Clay Aiken made such a wise decision to join the UMG at this point in his career.

  17. musicfan…all the research you have done since Clay Aiken signed with DECCA has just been incredible. Thanks so much for bringing us the most up-to-date information every day!!

  18. Universal seems to be looking at the future and is working to make the changes necessitated by new technology. Looking forward to seeing what they do for Clay Aiken. Thanks for all the blogs with the informative information. It’s good to see a blog where someone researches the facts!

  19. Interesting blog, lot of information to absorb. Thank you for putting all of this on your blogs, it makes sense that the music industry is finally coming into the 21st century.

    Good fortune to Clay Aiken, he’s made a very wise choice.

  20. This was an interesting and informative blog. This label has been around a long time. I think they will be around a long time in the future also. They are willing to think outside the box, research current trends , and are willing to take the company the direction that music is headed, I think it is a very good match for Clay. Yeah!!!

  21. Thanks for your informative & interesting blog.However, I think I am a bit lost.I am now googling up Limewire, and Rhapsody.I am still pretty blur with the technical terms.I had accounts for you tube and myspace and have heard about itunes.
    To support Clay in this new phrase, is it ok to just buy his new album and tune in to you tube?

    • Jenn………I think the best way to support Clay is to do just like you say……buy his new album when it is available and do the things that you enjoy doing.

      All the information in the last few articles is stuff we are all trying to figure out. It is so new and really, we don’t need to do anything.

      Just….. enjoy Clay!!

      • Yeah,am enjoying his songs right now.He’s pretty addictive you know.It will really be nice to see Clay hit no.1 in the charts in 2010!!!

  22. BigChampagne……I wonder if they will take the place of Soundscan in the future.

    I love reading all that UMG/Decca is doing to improve their company. It can only be good for Clay.

    Thank you for all the information. Where do you find all the information??

    I am learning so much at this site.

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