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Do you know a recording artist named Fabolous?  Well, he made some news this week and it was a mixed blessing for him.

According to Keith Caulfield, who writes for Billboard and Reuters, the New York rapper topped the latest Billboard 200 album chart after selling 99,000 copies of his new release “Loso’s Way”. His previous album sold 159,000 copies in 2007.

Sadly, the latest sales period marked just the second July week when not one current album sold at least 100,000 copies. Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991 and supplied the numbers.

Caulfield feels that the poor numbers will continue this week.  The predicted leader for the week is the country group Sugarland who released a Wal-Mart exclusive.

While Sugarland will be at the top, the numbers will be low.  If Sugarland sells less than 100,000 copies, it will be the first time that has happened in any August.

What does this mean to the recording industry?  Is this slump a sign of the financial depression or is it a sign that people are not buying music albums?  You can be sure that the “suits” at the music labels are trying to find the answers.  Their livelihood is a stake.

OK…….Clay Aiken……where does he fit in this discussion?  For me, I see two things to think about.  First, it reminds me of how well Clay has sold CD’s.  Even without radio play or complete label support, he has sold millions of CDs.  And secondly, it is a good reminder to all of us to relax and let Clay tell us about his future plans when he is ready.  With everything in such turmoil, I believe he is making sure he is doing the correct thing to secure his professional career.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Reuters News

  1. Great blog, musicfan!

    Anna, TPTB is short for "The Powsers That Be", in this case, the corporate heads of the music industry.

  2. I totally agree with you Musicfan.

    Things have changed in the music world. Clay now has an opportunity and challenge to see what is the best way to handle his singing career. Seems like everyone is trying to figure it out. With the music business, the economy in the dumpster, these certainly are not easy times. But for sure, I have faith in Clay making a well informed decision, as to his approach on a new label.

    I remember reading about comments from Clay’s teachers about him from college. They said that Clay was a free-thinker…he thinks outside the box…. If anyone can figure out what is best for himself…Clay can…… and I can’t wait to see what direction he is going….. I’ll be there for sure…


  3. I think I’ve probably yapped about the recording industry WAY too much already LOL!!!!

    Let’s just say that it’s in need of a serious overhaul, but I’m afraid TPTB are so arrogant it may take a while.

    Clay Aiken is a smart man who is also very realistic. He will do what is the absolute right thing for HIM when the time is right. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

  4. Wow, those are sad numbers. Is there not ONE artist they’re playing on the radio that makes people want to go out and buy their CD?……. I guess not.

  5. I’m not worried, Clay will come back when he’s ready and I’ll be here. I think with digital downloading it has made it easier to pick and choose the songs you want without having to buy the whole CD. These are the numbers that need to be reported in sales.

  6. In these uncertain times…I am glad that Clay has a chance to sit back and think about the best route for him to take. I’m sure he will figure that out on his own…if he is anything..he is his own person. Love that about him.

    I don’t know who this Fabolous is…but, in my book, Clay is Fabulous, Fascinating, Amazing and Sexy as He**! Whenever he is ready to come back…I’ll be Right Here Waiting.

  7. Musicfan,

    Excellent blog about the music industry! It is amazing how many albums Clay Aiken has sold without the promotion, build-up, and radio play that others receive.

    In the current economic times, we are encountering a totally different territory for the music industry. Thnx for the overview!

    Have a great week!


  8. Beautiful photos. This is the first time I’m seeing a close resemblence between the AI style Clay and the long blonde Clay. Wow thank you, I needed that fix.

    Fabulous article, I too thought of Clay when you mentioned the artist Fabolous. He may not be Fabolous, but HE IS FABULOUS. Great comments.

  9. Thanks for the insight, Musicfan.

    I agree that Clay is a very smart and realistic man and will make his move when the time is right and only then.

    I’ll be right here waiting for him too. While time may be passing on, I’m not.

  10. Clay just made the announcement of signing with a new label. Let’s hope that the new label will be all the old was not. The music industry keeps hanging on to the old way of doing things, but technology has changed the was music is purchased.

  11. Just read that Clay signed with Decca Records.I am soooo HAPPY!!!Hope that Decca appreciates the great talent and vocal prowess that Clay is…

  12. The waiting is finally over. We will finally get to hear that glorious voice that takes us to another place. A great place. Thank you.

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