Clay Aiken – Singing, Dancing, and Livin’ la Vida Loca

2005 was the summer of the Jukebox Tour.  Clay Aiken fans filled the concert halls and arenas in the eastern half of the United States to see a great concert of pop music history.  Most of the concerts were sold out and Clay and his troupe put on an exciting show.

We have posted many pictures and videos of the Jukebox Tour.  However, sometimes we forget to highlight some of the fun times.  So, today we are celebrating some special Jukebox Tour fun.

Think skinny, black tie and tentative dance steps……..yes, it was the 60’s medley.

Then there was the beautiful piano introduction to the haunting song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”  This song was definitely a highlight!

The 90’s Medley was packed with great songs.  My favorite was Clay singing the Ricky Martin song, “Livin’ la Vida Loca.”

I hope you enjoy these great videos.  Maybe we will get another Jukebox Tour in the near future.




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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Singing, Dancing, and Livin’ la Vida Loca

  1. The JBT was the most fun tour of all. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I would love to see another tour like this. These videos are great.

  2. There has been so much debate about Clay Aiken singing cover songs, but this tour highlighted how incredible Clay is singing ANY SONG!! He took music that we’ve heard through the years and made us feel like we’d heard it for the first time. Most of us knew all the words, but there was something special in the way that Clay sang them. We forgot who originated the songs and they now all belonged to Clay! He is magic when he performs and whatever he sings.

    The Jukebox Tour was incredible for so many reasons, not the least of which was just how many songs Clay sang…..and he remembered the words too!! And who could forget the dancing!!! So much fun! That was quite a show. I always thought it was one of those things that people would pay to see on Broadway … it was just that good and professional!!

    Thanks for the wonderful video reminders. Now you’re going to make me go watch the whole show again!!! What a great way to spend a cloudy Saturday morning!!

  3. Thanks for the videos Musicfan….I love reliving these again.

    The JBT was the best tour….I loved the whole show….it was so much fun..People dancing, happy. Clay’s summer tours are always filled with fun, laughter, and great music…. I am so ready for another summer tour….hopefully next year…..


  4. I watched this JBT clack over and over again. But I never get tired of looking at this tour clack.
    His GREAT performance!!
    I hope that he does such a tour again.
    musicfan123, thanks for posting them!!

  5. I didn’t get to go to JBT that summer, but I have seen the videos, Clay Aiken was in a fine form and the concerts looked like so much fun….Can we hope for JBT 2010? please please!?

  6. What a tour that was…the JBT Tour. The best ever! I remember it so well…I went to the Valdosta, Ga. show. La Vida Loca…WhooHoo!!!! Hopefully, we’ll get a tour this next year. Clay is simply magnificent when he is up there on the stage.

  7. THANKS for the videos ~ brings back great memories. I loved the JBT. Clay was so versatile in the many, many song choices. I also liked it when he took requests from the audience. He’s incredibly talented. Thanks again for the videos, loved them

  8. The JBT is something that can’t be topped in my opinion. Clay was at his very best, singing good songs and fun songs that just aren’t written any more. Sure there are lots of good ones that come along but nothing like the constant stream of good old ones.

    I can’t see why anyone has a problem with Clay doing covers. I think his songs are so much more fun when you can sing along with him (quietly, of course) and you just can’t do that with new stuff until you’ve heard it a zillion times.

    I’ve been going to make myself a DVD of that tour for such a long time and just the other day, I went searching for a set list. Clay could come back and do the exact same concert and I’d still make a point of going to as many as I could. Never too much of a good thing.

    Thanks CANN and all involved. 🙂

    • I’d leave it to Clay and team to decide what songs. Clay knows better than I, what kind of songs I would love. He consistently maintained (prob fought to keep) a clean image. He knows what I want and open my eyes to more.

      Not been to any concert but would go to his in a heartbeat and wouldn’t hesitate to bring my kids. And just look at the creativity and entertainment they planned in the tours. Amazing. Now with a partnership w Decca, good things to look forward to!

  9. 🙁 another who has to “relive” the JBT through youtube – I didn’t get to go to it.

    I want Clay to tour SOON (and that’s MY SOON MISTER!!!)

    Thanks CANN for another great story and for the great videos!!

  10. LOVE the JBT clack! I’ve watched it so many times I can almost imagine I was really there. No problems with Clay Aiken covers from me, the JBT and SRHP were both totally entertaining, awesome concerts. I want more like that too.
    Thanks for the fun and dreamy blog!!

  11. THANK YOU for bringing back so many wonderful memories,
    I saw Clay Aiken at Wolf Trap and he was hysterical, what charisma and interaction with the audience; I’ll never forget the fun time I had that evening.

  12. LOVE the videos – thank you for putting them on your blog!

    I adore Clay Aiken, have seen him in concert a few times and every time he was unique and different! He's so funny too. Again, appreciate your putting your videos on your blog. =)

  13. I think this is the only tour I made it to, beside a couple of his Christmas Concerts. I took my daughter and we both had so much fun. I think everyone did.

  14. Those ARE great memories. Here’s hoping that Clay will come around next summer and give us more! (and thank you for posting those videos too!)

    • Thank you so much for your videos. Especially the montage ones where you blend the best of several performances together. So well done. They are among my favorites!

      • You’re completely welcome! I’m glad you enjoy them! I’m hoping to do some more in the near future (as soon as I get my new computer and learn the ropes)

  15. Thank you for the videos.
    Second one shows that Clay is Best LIVE performer.
    In my country we calls it /singing with piano/ ” to sing naked” if translate into English. Pure, toneful, never off key, no pitchy problem as always. WOW, BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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