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I enjoy looking at YouTube videos.  Sometimes it is just for fun, but sometimes its gives me good ideas for topics to write about.

Yesterday, One of Clay Aiken’s talented fans, LovesClaysVoice, put together a video that I thought you might enjoy.  I got excited just watching and thinking of 2010.

Then, I went over to YouTube and found a video of Clay that has more than a million hits.

I thought I would put both videos up today.  One is the beginning of of Clay’s musical career and the other is a new beginning!!  I hope you enjoy them both!

The Beginning

The New Beginning

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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – YouTube Favorite

  1. Love both of these videos. So looking forward to what is in store for both Clay and his fans under this new Decca Label.

    Very excited for what is to come. 🙂

  2. Great montages. Thanks to those who put them together for us. That second one especially could actually be a commercial for Clay’s next album, or something.

  3. Thanks musicfan!! It’s so easy to get lost over at youtube once you start watching Clay Aiken videos! Thanks for always bringing some of the best ones here! Kudos to LCV for her great video!

  4. I can’t see that Atlanta audition enough! What a voice!!!! I loved Clay’s confidence too! I still don’t understand why they got on his looks so much! He looked like a typical college student to me! Thanks for including my new promo montage! It was fun making it and I’m soooooooo excited about new music in 2010!!! Bring it on Clay!!!!

  5. I love both of these videos. I had no idea the audition youtube had over a million hits – that’s incredible!
    The crescendo in the music to the “New Beginnings” youtube completely excites you…it’s going to be a great 2010. Thank you for the videos (and to LovesClaysVoice).

  6. LOVE IT!!! Thanks LCV for putting together that EXCITING video!! I cannot WAIT for 2010!!!!

    I loved the Atlanta Audition too – I remember it like it was just yesterday 🙂 love the voice and love the man


  7. I sure enjoyed rewatching the audition video, and the LCV video got me all excited. Especially the very end where she wrote,’ Fall In Love All Over Again’. I believe that that can happen. Decca has always been a reputable record company, and it’s a good match for Clay. Can’t wait to see what he has coming for us in 2010.

  8. I enjoyed watching both of these video’s. I especially like the new one…it just gets you all excited about Clay’s new music for 2010. That is why I keep watching it. Good job LovesClaysVoice!

    Looking for wonderful things to happen for Clay in 2010 with his new label..Decca. Looks like they are a pretty good fit.

  9. I loved watching both of these videos. Can’t get enough of watching his beginnings and now to look forward to 2010. LCV that was an amazing video, it just gave me chills, the music was perfect. Come on Clay we are ready for ya.

  10. The New Beginning brought tears to my eyes. The last 6+ years have been quite a journey and I truly believe this is only the beginning of his career. I’m proud to be a loyal Clay supporter!

  11. A new beginning? Why yes, I believe it is. Clay really has come far in his career since American Idol. But with Decca, I believe he is only at the beginning of a long, long career. Great montages.

  12. LCV’s video is sooooo good!!! It is fantastic promo for what is to come in 2010 for Clay Aiken!

  13. I loved watching both these videos. Thanks for posting them. When I have extra time, I love to go to YouTube and watch Clay’s videos. Brings back some great memories!I can’t wait to add more.I think 2010 is going to be an exciting year for Clay and his fans!

  14. Thanks for posting these videos.
    Since i became Clay fan i always wanted to say that he was not nerdy weirdy at all.
    He was just skinny and had glasses and hairstyle was little
    bit wrong. That is all.
    I think that he had everything from the beginning. Beautiful eyes, eyebrows, eyelushes, gorgeous nose, broad shoulder, slim body and so on…and of course AMAZING VOICE.
    Me too, when i have extra time i love to watch Clyas videos. Cant wait for his new music.

  15. Thanks CANN for bringing over these 2 videos….

    I go on YouTube a lot, and pick different songs that Clay has done…He always entertains.

    Yes, 2010 is going to be a great year…and I can’t wait….


  16. I loved this! It is so fun to see his original audition and then see him on Good Morning America singing "Suspicious Minds". It give me goosebumps!

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