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Darren Hayes  is an Australian singer/songwriter who is most famous for being the frontman and lead singer of the pop duo Savage Gardens. In 1997, their album Savage Garden propelled them to stardom. The duo followed the success of their debut album with Affirmation, in 1999, which also produced several hits. Savage Garden sold more than 23 million albums worldwide before parting ways in 2001.

Rick Nowels has been writing songs since he was 13 years old. Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area he was weaned on late sixties eclectic rock from listening to the radio

In 1997… Rick met Madonna and they ended up writing 9 songs together. He also won a Grammy that year for Celine Dion’s Falling into You.

Since then, Rick has written and/or produced hits for Dido, Fleetwood Mac, N’SYNC, Jewel, KD Lang and many others.

In 2002, Darren Hayes and Rick Nowels collaborated to write a Pop song called “When You Say You Love Me.”   As the fourth track on Clay Aiken’s CD, “Measure Of A Man”, the song was a light hearted song that was popular on Clay’s tours.

When You Say You Love Me – Clay Aiken

I’ve been watching you from afar
And the way you make your way around the bar
You laugh like you’re really entertained
And you smile like it’s your favorite game
Now you’re moving closer to me
And our eyes connect emotionally
I’m not looking for a one-night stand
Or a place for a broken heart to mend

I know ev’rybody here wants to hold you
I know what it’s like ’cause I feel the same
When you look in my eyes
There’s a part of me that’s still afraid

And when you say you love me, do you mean it?
Baby, when you hold me, do you feel it?
Should I believe the magic in your eyes?
I would wait until the end of time
To hear you say you love me like you mean it
Baby, when you hold me, make me feel it
All I want to do is make you mine
I’ve been hurt way too many times

It’s an uncomplicated song and the lyrics are not too complex, but for some reason, Clay seemed to have trouble getting it right.  Maybe he was concentrating on his dancing!

The following video is from one of Clay’s concerts.  Clay forgot the words and the audience helped him out.  It’s a great remembrance of a fun time.


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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Try To Remember

  1. So much fun, I love how he can take an embarrassing moment and just laugh it off – make it fun.

    This was not my favorite song on MOAM, but I truly love it now after watching him sing it in concert (well, watching the clack of him singing it in concert).

    Thanks for the memories!!! Cannot WAIT for another TOUR!!!

  2. I love WYSYLM ~ interesting back story on the songwriters, thank you so much ! Clay certainly does know how to make a song his “own”. The video was too cute…did you notice at 0:12 that Clay fiddles with his shirt tail? It is SO Clay…thanks so much for the videos every day, as well as the information you bring to us. A lot of research, it’s very appreciated.

  3. Clay Aiken’s “When You Say You Love Me” is my favourite of the album. I wanted to have Clay sing it totally without interruption so badly! Maybe he will yet 🙂
    He sure had fun with it and the fans at the concerts though 🙂

  4. WYSYLM is one of my favorites. There was a radio station that thought it was the best song for radio from the album and they played it for a long time.

  5. Thanks for the information about how this song came to be;

    I love Clay Aiken’s version of it and it was one of my favorites when he performed it in concert. Thank you also for the video, Clay is too hysterical for words! I LOVE “concert Clay”, nothing better [perhaps Spamalot!].

  6. WYSYLM was one of my favorites from MOAM. Clay is always so funny in concert..when he forgot the words..he actually asked the audience if they knew them. Then Quiana, Jacob, and Angela came up with the words. Loved it! Clay in Concert is the BEST and I can’t wait for him to tour again.

  7. I love this song. It put a big smile on my face the first time I heard it and continues to do so with every listen.

  8. Thanks for the interesting and fun information about WYSYLM. It is one of my favorites just because of the fun we had during the Solo Tour with it. Good memories!

  9. Love this song and always enjoyed Clay’s Randon Lyric Generator during his concerts. He is so comfortable when he performs that a little thing like forgetting the lyrics is never gonna stop him!!

  10. I love that song! It should have been a hit. Thanks for the adorable video, plus the interesting info on the songwriters.

  11. He is just adorable! One of the best things about Clay is he is the first one to laugh at himself! He has a great sense of humor and is a great entertainer! He just makes me smile!

  12. WYSYLM is an all time fav and this brought back the most wonderful memories of Clay’s fun filled concerts and the love we all share. I can’t wait until Clay goes on tour again! The best is DEFINITELY yet to come!!!

  13. Loved watching this video-brings back many great memories of Clay concerts. What fun they are-Clay always says when he forgets the words-at least we know he is not “lip singin”. Thanks for the memories-can’t wait to add more.

  14. When I first heard WYSYLM I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite on the CD. But once I saw Clay sing it live and saw him having so much fun with the dancing, I started to love the song! And Clay forgetting the words to any song always turns into a hilarious concert memory!!

  15. I love how he is so down to earth in concert. Not many artists can make the audience feel so comfortable. It’s hard to describe!

  16. I didn’t know Darren had co-written the song. I adored Savage Garden (brings back the best of school-time memories), and Darren solo is fantastic as well.

    And Clay as always is just beyond cute!

  17. WYSYLM will forever be one of my favorite Clay songs because, if it wasen’t for this song, my dream of dancing onstage may have never happened.

    Thank you to the songwriters and of course my many thanks to Clay for allowing me “rump shake” onstage more than once at your concerts.

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