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  1. Clay's humanitarian work speaks volumes about the man. A man filled with compassion and dedication for those in need of a helping hand. I can think of no other AI finalist who has done as much humanitarian work as Clay Aiken, along with being a multi talented entertainer.

  2. Thank you for the pictures. Clay did not just say “please donate to my favourite charity”. He used his heart, his spirit, his energy, his time, his body and everything that is so a part of him to give to those in need. And he worked really hard for his special children too.

    He is my Hero.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful blog CANN! Clay Aiken is the World Idol in his fans eyes and we love him! His work with UNICEF and his foundation NIP are two of the many reasons he will always be #1 in our eyes. Thank you for including my montage! It says it all! Look what love has done!

    • Dear LovesClaysVoice, I have seen several of your great montages on You-Tube and this has to be one of the loveliest. The song was one of my favourites anyway, and now this really moving film to go with it. Congratulations!

      And while I'm at it: I, as a relatively new Clay-Fan of just one year would like to state a big THANK YOU for all the hard work of sites like this one, and Ideal Idol, and and and … keeping us ordinary "lurkers" informed, entertained and up to date. The fact that Clay's vote scale is so high is in no small way thanks to you and must prove to the PTB at Decca that they have made an excellent decision in taking him on board. And now I must get back to voting….. ;.)

  4. Clay Aiken REALLY CARES, all the good works he does besides his National Inclusion Project, UNICEF, etc., creates a list a mile long. There is so much he does that the public never hears about.

    Super incentive pictures and montage, Thanks!!

  5. Musicfan,

    Clay Aiken is the Ultimate World Idol because he is a fabulous entertainer with an incredible voice, which he uses in many admirable ways on and off stage. His charity work as a UNICEF Ambassador and co-founder of The National Inclusion Project for children with disabilities is well known.

    Clay is the Ultimate World Idol!


  6. There's more to being an idol than celebrity. It's a rare celebrity who honestly want to make a difference in the world. I have great respect for those celebrities as well as Clay, though Clay will always be first in my heart.

  7. Clay Aiken is not only an amazing entertainer…but his work for Unicef and the National Inclusion Project is stellar. I have not known of any other person in American Idol that has done so much. He is definately the Ultimate World Idol. I enjoyed that video tremendously…especially the song, Look What Love Has Done, just fits in perfectly with the video. We have the best fans who make these great video's. Thank you!

  8. This blog has it right. A World Idol has to be more than a person who has gained fame. There is a world of difference between the top two in the polls, but one has accomplished so much with over six million CDs sold, numerous TV appearances, his own Christmas show, and wonderful humanitarian efforts where he has been a participant. The other top idol has not even released a CD and has accomplished nothing. He may in time, but not yet.

  9. The title of “World Idol” encompasses so much more imo than (just) possessing a beautiful voice or being a great entertainer. Clay’s unconditional caring and continued support of children’s needs throughout the world and the difference he makes in each of their lives is what sets him apart from ALL the rest. What an awesome tribute to a truly amazing man!

  10. Clay is so deserving of the title World Idol….and whatever the outcome may be…..He is without a doubt…the Ultimate World Idol. He gives back so much, working for his foundation and Unicef. He is one of the good ones……And a beautiful voice, talent as well….I choose to look at the whole picture of an individual…what do they do with their "star" status…. Clay has proven over and over again, what kind of man he is….

    Clay fans are the best, and love and support him, over these past years….He is still the same wonderful man he always was…. I am proud to be a Clay fan…….


  11. Clay is amazing caring person!!! He is the best out there.

    He is with out a question the Ultimate WORLD IDOL!!!

    Please vote for him.!!!

  12. I don't usually vote on polls but this poll seems to have inspired the Clay Nation to use this as a way to show how much we appreciate Clay. With both a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart, he has shown us that he can be both a celebrity and a role model for those wishing to help others who may not be able to help themselves.

  13. Clay is about 200 votes ahead right now! I couldn't be happier or more proud of our Clay fans.

    Thanks for this and all of your wonderful blogs CANN. xoxox

  14. Great blog. For me Clay has it all. Immense talent, great looks, humongous heart. He is my world idol and I am voting my fingers to the bone.

  15. Clay Aiken make a beautiful gester to go and see all this children who many are sick because they dont eat or dont have the medications for help.

    I think me or anybody who never have a life like that and be there one day , our reaction are the same who Clay have , we not the peoples who likes to see they poor childrens sufferd day after day.

  16. Clay gives so much of himself to better the lives of children all over the world. He uses his voice for more than just singing. He uses his celebrity for the good of others, not for material things.

  17. Clay Aiken doesn't need a poll to tell the world that he is The World Idol. He just is. Clay is a DECENT man, a talented man, a caring man, who doesn't seek the limelight by gross statements or actions. He is in the limelight because he loves to entertain and does it magnificently. And this beautiful man uses this celebrity to be a role model and to help children in need. I am so proud to be a fan of this remarkable man.

    • Yes, agree. He absolutely doesn’t need a poll to justify anything. This is just a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our support, how much we appreciate the guy & not just the singing. And oh my don’t we have bucketloads of that and more, looking at the polls.

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