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I received an e-mail from UNICEF this week.  It is a short report on the progress of the “We Believe In Zero” program.  Since this is a program that Clay Aiken spoke about and has supported, I thought you might be interested in reading about the outstanding progress that has happened in the last year.

Clay Aiken has given a great deal of  important support to UNICEF and their wonderful programs.  I am sure they are proud to have him as one of their ambassadors.

UNICEF has given me permission to post the following e-mail on this public board.

Because of your commitment to UNICEF and the world’s children, I could not be more thrilled to share this news with you:

The number of children dying each day has significantly dropped to 24,000. That’s 1,500 more children waking up, playing with friends, making their mothers laugh, and dreaming of the exciting things they’ll do when they grow up.

This reduction in child mortality demonstrates in a concrete way that your support and UNICEF’s leadership, efficiency and resolve are getting us closer to a day when zero children die from preventable causes.

From measles campaigns in Pakistan to emergency therapeutic food in Ethiopia; from tetanus vaccination in Indonesia to well drilling in Sudan; from hurricane relief in Haiti to anti-malarial bed net distribution in Nigeria—UNICEF’s work is having a huge impact.

But we must not stop now. Because every day, 24,000 children are still dying. And this is simply abhorrent.

We know without question that we are on the right path. We must now marshal all our willpower, all our resources, to make sure that—in the fight for survival—not a single child is forgotten.

And we need your help more than ever.

24,000 daily child deaths can become 12,000… then 6,000… and one day, zero.

We believe in zero. You believe in zero. And together, we will get there.

Caryl M. Stern
President & CEO
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

P.S.: I encourage you to share this news with your network of family and friends and let them know that you believe in zero!

Please watch the following video on the “We Believe In Zero” program.


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  1. Worldwide infant mortality is a tragedy and reflects on all of us. I;m so happy Clay Aiken is supporting UNICEF We Believe in Zero program.

  2. I believe in Zero. How encouraging it is to see that the mortality rate of children has gone down to 24,000…I believe also that it should be Zero. How wonderful to know that Clay as a Unicef Ambassador, is helping with those numbers. Thank you for that informative video. It brought a tear to my eye.

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