Clay Aiken Congratulates His Friends

Two colleagues and good friends of Clay Aiken announced some exciting news this last week.

On September 2nd, ABC announced that Diane Sawyer will replace Charles Gibson in January as anchor of the flagship ABC evening program World News.

For the first time in television history, two of the three major U.S. networks will have a woman anchoring their nightly news broadcasts. Replacing Charles Gibson as anchor of ABC’s World News, Diane will be taking over in January.  Diane’s appointment makes her only the second woman to hold a lead solo anchor position on a top three network–behind Katie Couric, who took over the CBS Evening News from Dan Rather in 2006. Other women, notably Barbara Walters, Jessica Savitch, Connie Chung and Elizabeth Vargas, have co-anchored or weekend anchored evening news broadcasts in the past, but none apart from Couric have taken center stage.

David Westin is the ABC News president.  He said of this move:

“Diane Sawyer is the right person to succeed Charlie and build on what he has accomplished.   She has an outstanding and varied career in television journalism, beginning with her role as a State Department correspondent and continuing at 60 Minutes, Primetime Live, and most recently Good Morning America.

Diane worked at CBS for 10 years before starting at ABC in 1989.  She graduated from Wellesley College and worked in the Nixon administration and helped the president write his memoirs after his resignation.

Clay was asked at the OFC if he had spoken to Diane about her new assignment.  He stated that he sent her a text of congratulations to her.  According to Clay, she asked for his input and Clay joked around with her.

Diane will be missed on Good Morning America.  The morning show usually finishes second to NBC’s Today and has won the daytime Emmy for best morning show three years running.  Diane will continue for the next four months while the network searches for a replacement on GMA.

I am sure that all of you here hope that whoever joins the team is a big Clay Aiken fan.  We need to see Clay on morning TV.

Clay’s AI buddy, Ruben Studdard announced two career moves this past week.  First, Ruben will appear in a movie being shot in Alabama. The movie is about a young singer whose family life is disrupted when his father is deployed to Afghanistan by the Marines.  A 12-year-old named Uriah Shelton will star as Henry Matthews. Country star Trace Adkins will be in the movie, too. The movie is due out in year.

Ruben plays a kindly minister named Pastor Johnson.  He befriends the young lead named Henry and helps inspire his love of music.

Ruben’s second announcement was found on his Official Website.

Ruben to perform with David Foster and Friends Tour!

Ruben will be joining Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire, Charice, Peter Cetera and Michael Johns for the 10 city tour kicking off October 21st in Chicago!  Go to the tour section for a list of dates!

I was lucky enough to see the David Foster and Friends Concert in Las Vegas in the spring when Clay Aiken was performing.  The entire show was wonderful and I am sure that Ruben will be a wonderful addition to the show.

Since Clay’s friends are announcing good news, maybe they can encourage Clay to spill some news to us.  That would be the best news!!

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Congratulates His Friends

  1. Congrats to Diane Sawyer on her new role of lone anchor of ABC's World News. She has work hard in the new industry all these years and deserves this opportunity. Love the look on Diane's face as she looks at Clay when he was on GMA promoting OMWH last year. Kudos to Ruben. He is a great guy.

  2. I am so happy for both Diane and Ruben. I wish them both the best of luck. Not only because they are very good friends with Clay but because they are both great people. I'm sorry to see Diane leave GMA, but look forward to watching her on the World News. It's wonderful that she is replacing Charlie, who is also a very good personal friend of hers.

    I hope Ruben has a lot of success while out on the road with David Foster. This is a great chance for those that knew Ruben from AI days to see him again. Best of Luck.

    I bet Clay was one of the first people to congratulate both of his good friends.

  3. Glad to see Ruben Studdard's career progressing. He's gone through some downers. He and Clay Aiken are such good friends that I'm sure Clay is always willing and happy to give Rube a boost.

  4. Thanks for the informative on the accomplishments of Clay Aiken's friends, Diane Sawyer and Ruben Studdard. I wish them both well in their new undertakings.

  5. Congratulations to Diane Sawyer on her new position on World News. She has been in the journalism business many years and she so deserves this opportunity. I will enjoy watching her.

    I hope Ruben enjoys his touring with David Foster. I am sure Clay has congratulated him also.

  6. Congratulations to Diane Sawyer. She and Clay Aiken have a mutual respect for each other and seem to be good friends.

    Best of luck to Ruben on his new projects too. I wish him much success.

  7. I am happy for Diane. I think she will do a great job as the anchor on World News. I am also happy for Ruben. I think he and Clay have remained good friends these last 6+ years and I bet Clay congratulated him also. Thanks for the news. Now I am patiently waiting-not-for Clay to spill the beans on some projects he will be working on.

  8. Clay Aiken has made a lot of wonderful friends in the industry over the years. No doubt he is very happy for the success of his friends Diane and Ruben!

  9. Musicfan,

    Great news about Diane Sawyer and Ruben Studdard, two very good friends of Clay Aiken! It was very interesting to read his answer to your question in the Q&A session. *g*

    Have an awesome week!


  10. Isn't it wonderful that Clay has made such wonderful friends on this adventure of his. Almost 7 years, and Diane and Ruben are still friends with Clay. You know that Clay has congratulated both, as he never minds sharing credit where it is due. He has supported Ruben over these past years….What a great friend…. I can only imagine the conversations he and Diane have had…These 2 are very smart people who are so well informed with all worldy events….

    Great article CANN…..


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