Clay Aiken – F1 ROCKS

Universal Music Group International signed an agreement with Formula One Administration Limited to create F1 ROCKS™, a pioneering and exciting new global entertainment platform.

F1 ROCKS combines the world’s most popular sporting series with the most exciting music stars to create an experience for Formula One race fans and music fans alike.

The goal of F1 ROCKS is to present live music events at the Formula 1 race locations around the world.  The combination of live performances from the world’s biggest acts together with stars from the world of movies, sport and fashion will create TV shows & Digital content that will be broadcast and streamed to a global audience.

Lucian Grainge is the Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Group International.  He said:

“The partnership between the world’s most thrilling sport and the world’s biggest music company is one of the most exciting entertainment initiatives to be launched anywhere.  The combination of music, megastars and motor sport will create a groundbreaking, all-new entertainment spectacular, channeled through the multiple platforms open to our two global brands.”

Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of the Formula One Group added: “Universal is the biggest player in the music industry and we have high hopes for what we can achieve together.”

The debut of F1 ROCKS was this last week-end at the Singapore Grand Prix.  The TV show was broadcast in 147 countries, which makes it one of the biggest music TV shows in history.

According to Paul Morrison, a spokesman from Universal Music Group:

“To put it into context, those are the kinds of numbers that the likes of the Olympic Games and the World Cup would get. Formula One is the biggest TV event in the world, being beamed into 188 countries, but this is still massive and in terms of promotional opportunities for the music business, there’s nothing that comes close.”

There were three concerts in Singapore this past week-end.  The stage was the biggest that had ever been set up for a rock concert in Singapore. It was flown in from Australia, apparently. There were 9,000 spectators in front of this stage, going up a hill so all had a good view of the stage.

The performers for the week-end included ZZ Top, Simple Minds, No Doubt, Havana Brown, Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce.

Since these concerts are put together by Universal Music Group, perhaps Clay Aiken will be in one of these spectacular concerts next year.

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – F1 ROCKS

  1. F1 Rocks, sounds like a great idea. I would love to see Clay in one of these Concerts. He would be great. He does have a lot of fans in different countries. I always wanted to see him perform over-sea's.

    Universal Music Group seems to be really with it in their idea's and initiative. Like it says in the article, Universal is the biggest player in the music industry. I like that!

  2. whoa!!! very interesting! I love that Universal Music Group is looking for innovative ways to promote their artists!! Bodes well for the music industry!

    Thank you for the information!

  3. F1 Rocks, how cool is that! Universal Music Group is really taking the lead in this new digital age.
    Here's to Clay Aiken being in one…after he does a tour for us 🙂

  4. This is very interesting, and a good look at some of the inovations in the entertainment industry. Music isn't just CDs anymore!

  5. The world of music is wide open now. This is very exciting. Thanks for the interesting blog.! This would be great for Clay!

  6. Very interesting blog, thank you! Universal Music Group certainly is in the 21st century when it comes to the latest/greatest in the music field. It's great to see a group that is well respected, realize that there is so much more than just cd's to get an artist heard.

    I am so thrilled that Clay is now with Decca (under the UMG group). What a great roster of artists on Decca's label and I love the way they promote them all.

  7. I'm extremely impressed with Univeral Music Group. They're trying new and unique avenues to promote their artists!

  8. I am very excited that Clay signed with Universal Decca. They seem to be on the cutting edge of
    new technology and new ways to promote their artists. I am really looking forward to seeing how Clay is promoted.

  9. Universal Music Group is so progressive in their thinking in today's music industry!!
    So glad that Clay Aiken is now part of the UMG family!

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