Clay Aiken – Meet Mark Eldridge

Do you know the name Mark Eldridge?  According to Wikipedia, he is a Grammy winning Guitarist, keyboardist and music producer………oh, yes…….in the music field he goes by the name Kipper.

Last year, when the fans of Clay Aiken found out that Kipper would be the producer of Clay’s new CD, Kipper became one of the most popular hits on Google.  Who was he and what had he done before he worked with Clay?

Kipper had his own band called One Nation. The band released 2 albums.  Next, Kipper joined the Gary Numan band as a guitar player.  Soon, he was co-producing the albums for Gary.

Kipper is probably best known for working with Sting.  He had an important role in the production of Stings latest albums.

Besides producing On My Way Here, Clay’s latest CD, Kipper wrote one of the songs on the album.  Kipper wrote the following about the song, “Everything I Don’t Need”, on his official web page:

“I have been very busy with an exciting variety of projects. I finished Clay Aikens album “On My Way Here” in April and we enjoyed huge success with the album peaking at No 4 in the US Billboard charts. I also wrote the song “You’re Everything I Don’t Need” with Judie Tzuke and James Morrison which is a stand out track on the album, check it out on iTunes.”

The following video is Everything I Don’t Need sing by Clay at the TBAF Gala last October in Raleigh.


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  1. Well..I learned something new today…I didn't know Kipper's real name….

    I thought On My Way Here was put together beautifully…It is unfortunate that it was not heard more. Pretty well no promotion, and it did very well considering virtually no radio play. I never heard "On My Way Here" once on the radio. I pretty well listen to it every day…I love it.

    Thanks for the info on Mark….and I never would have known from the picture above that that was Kipper…


  2. Thanks for the information on Kipper, musicfan! I never knew his real name until today!! I loved "Everything I Don't Need" ! The style was a little different from what we were used to hearing from Clay, but Clay Aiken can sing anything, as he proved on his latest CD. Kipper did a great job producing OMWH. Together he and Clay chose a great mix of songs that fit Clay's perfect voice perfectly!! EIDN was just one of the many wonderful songs from the CD!

  3. CANN always has the most interesting information. I love coming here, more so than my home newspaper. I had always hoped that EIDN would have made to radio, it was edgy, upbeat and right up there with what is being played on the radio. Clay and Kipper did an outstanding job on this CD, wish more people would hear it.

  4. Very interesting article. I never did know Kipper's real name. I think he did an awesome job with Clay on OMWH. I love the song EIDN…Clay is very sexy singing that song. I love the longer version at the end, where they won't quit clapping and screaming..and finally Clay says: "Ok, I'm going to go and finish my dinner!" Funny!!! Anyway, if maybe he had a little promotion…and AHEM a song played on the radio…he would have sold millions. But, I love all the songs on OMWH.

  5. I'll never forget Everything I Dont Need from the Gala last year. I think Clay found out how much we all love him singing that song! Kipper did a great job!

  6. He'll always be known as "Kipper" now. LOL

    Thanks for the information and thank you for the reminder to go and listen to "Everything I Don't Need" again right now. Love that song.

  7. Interesting information on Kipper. I love OMWH and really think RCA did a number on Clay when they didn't promote the album at all. Oh, well, on to the Decca era!

  8. I love EIDN by Clay Aiken and think Kipper did a great job on that OMWH cd. Only the title track was somewhat promoted and that is a shame because it does not reflect the whole cd. I hope DECCA understands Clay's talents far more than RCA ever did. Looking forward to new music!

  9. Enjoyed the video of EIDN. I agree that OMWH never had the promo or a chance. Still it sold a good amount for no radio play (RCA did the minimal amount of support) and not that many people even knew Clay had a CD out. Looking forward to better things from Decca.

  10. Clay Aiken did a great job singing Kipper's song Everything I Don't Need at the Gala in 2008. Kipper was excellent as producer.

  11. Mark Eldridge? Never knew that was his name. After we heard he was working with Clay Aiken, all he was known by was Kipper. They did a great job on OMWH.

  12. "Everything I Don't Need" is one of my favorites from On My Way Here. I think it's the best album of Clay's so far. Kipper did a great job. It's too bad there was hardly any promotion for this album.

  13. Thanks for the info about "Kipper". He was very happy with the chart rating for OMWH and has every right to be, it's an excellent mix of music. I believe every CD Clay has made has been in the top 5, not many artists can say that.

    Thank you for your visits and comments to Clay the Man 🙂

  14. Thanks for the info! I didn't know Kipper had made any comments whatsoever about OMWH – glad to know he did and that he was pleased!!!

    I love Everything I Don't Need, one of my 12 favorites on that CD

  15. Great article! I didn't know Kipper's real name. I'm glad he was pleased with the chart ranking. He and Clay produced a beautiful album. I LOVE OMWH and never get tired of listening to it!

  16. Musicfan,

    Great information about Clay Aiken and Kipper! I always learn something when I read your blog. On My Way Here is a very special album.

    Many thnx for your kind remarks in the previous Carolina blog. Have a wonderful week!


  17. It's interesting reading about the industry professionals Clay works with and finding out more about them. Thanks

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