Clay Aiken – I Survived You

Three distinguished music writers collaborated together to pen the Clay Aiken hit, “I Survived You.”  This piece of music was a huge hit when it was performed live by Clay.  We saw a bit of the thespian when he sang this particular song.

Ty Lacy attended USC on a Vocal Opera scholarship.  After graduation, he moved to Nashville at the advice of industry professionals.

In 1992 Ty signed with Starsong Music, now EMI Christian Music. It was during this time that he penned over 200 songs sought after by Christian artists. More than 20 of them were number one hits on the CCM charts. Recently, Ty made the move into the Pop/R&B culture.

Jess Cates is a Los Angeles based songwriter who has co-written many multi-platinum selling songs.  Jess is well liked by the American Idol franchise.  He has written songs for over ten different Idols.  His most popular Idol song is David Archuleta’s debut single, “Crush.”

Jeff Franzel is a multi-talented songwriter and composer with over 20 years experience in the music business.  Jeff began his career as a jazz pianist and toured with many groups, including the big band of legendary bandleader Les Brown.

Jeff’s songs have been featured on over 20 platinum albums in the U.S. and other countries. On the U.S. Billboard charts, Jeff has had a #2 pop hit and a top 10 AC hit, and has also had numerous #1 hits in the U.K., Australia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Brazil.

These three artists have very diverse backgrounds but came together to write a great son for Clay.

The following video is a wonderful montage of many concert performances of “I Survived You.”  I found it to be fun to watch.


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  1. “I Survived You” is on the very top of my Claylist. Thank you so much for all the info, it’s great to find out more!

    The video is just wonderful!

  2. Boy….those performances get the blood pumping….I remember this so well in concert… I love this captures the performance so well… Things like this should be on Youtube….for sure….so that people can see Clay in concert. Once you see him in concert…once is not enough… It still gives me chills…

    Thanks musicfan for all the info on the writers….We are learning so much…and it’s interesting.


  3. Musicfan,

    Very informative blog about the songwriters of “I Survived You.”

    I knew Jess Cates when he was growing up in Nashville. The Cates family of musicians includes other songwriters — father Bill and brother Chad, as well as singers, sister Laurianne and mother, Linda, in the pop, country, folk, and Christian genres.

    Just a little aside. *g*


  4. O.M.G. I have two words for that performance of I Survived You. Hawt & Sexy!! Really, he can sure rock when he wants to. I remember when I first got his cd MOAM, I thought ISY would have been a perfect song for radio.

    Thank you also for the information on the writers of ISY. That video just made me want to see him even more in concert again. I have to say it again..wonderful performance.

  5. Thanks so much for the information about the 3 song writers!

    What memories this blog brings back for me. Wow. I Survived You performed live in concert by Clay is something you will never forget! I will never forget the huge screens that showed his face with all the expressions on his face during that song.

  6. Very interesting, as always. Clay Aiken in concert is incredible. When he sang I Survived You live it was so much more powerful and meaningful than on the CD..and it was good there!
    Thanks for the writers info.

  7. I LOVE I Survived You!!! I never had the opportunity to actually personally SEE him perform it live, but the video is AMAZING!!!

    Maybe the next tour? huh Clay, what ya think?

  8. i love this song very much. Thanks for the information.
    I love the way he sang it. His gesture, his passion n etc..
    i watch it over and over again.

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