Clay Aiken – The Excitement Builds

Have you noticed it?  Do you feel it when you sign on a Clay Aiken message board?  Do you see the numbers?  Well, its back!!  The anticipation that something exciting is about to happen is spreading fast as fans are showing their love and support for their favorite singing sensation.

Clay fans have a lot in common; they all love and support Clay in whatever way they can.  Some fans enjoy the friendships they have gained throughout the last 6 years and try to visit and chat each day.  Other fans work to support Clay’s “National Inclusion Project.”  Just think how many fans have participated in “Wrapping For Inclusion,”  “Empties4Cash”,  eBay auctions and many other worthy projects.

We all enjoy the “clack” and appreciate the fans who share their work with the entire fan base.  Then there are the fans that make beautiful montages and blends……what talent!!

Some fans write blogs and try to present the positive news and excitement.  Other fans enjoy voting for Clay in assorted polls and questions that are attached to entertainment articles.

Yesterday and today, I watched as many Clay fans participated in a couple of new polls that are on-line.  As it was obvious that the fans were making a difference, more people joined in the voting.  Some fans have kept voting each day and they should be commended.  Others used to vote, but had been taking a break.  But the excitement of the last few days brought back many more fans.  The voting fan base grew all day and it reminded me of the early days of Clay’s career.

I know that there are fans who think it is not necessary to vote for Clay.  They don’t understand the point and look askance at those who work hard at voting.  But for many fans, the voting is an important part of the fandom.  They wish there were more who would participate.  As in any group of people, opinions will differ and how great it is that everyone seems to understand the differences.

If you would like to try your hand at a few polls, the following links could get you started.

TBWE is a huge site.  They have a poll that rates the Idol singers.  You can cast 5 votes every day.

tweeterwall is another fun poll.  Called Worldwide Idol, the site asks you to vote for your favorite Idol.  You can vote every 20 minutes.  You do not have to have a twitter account and you are not required to open an account at tweeterwall, however some voters suggest that it is a good idea.  Give it a try.

It has been so much fun seeing the excitement grow in The ClayNation.  It is almost like a new beginning.

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  1. It’s true…you can feel things happening…..

    I think once it was made public that Clay had signed with Universal/Decca….and that new music would be coming in 2010, everyone got a boost….We thrive on any news about Clay..

    I do vote in the polls, maybe not as vocal at doing it..but I do go and vote…it all helps…it shows that yes…we are here and waiting..

    Yes…you can feel that Clay is working on things, and what is even more exciting, is that fans will be seeing him at the Gala…and that in itself will be creating a huge buzz….


  2. The voting lately has been a lot of fun and brings back some great memories. It may just be a little thing to do but the fans are all coming together again from all over to show their continued love and support for Clay.

    The buzz is building and it’s only the beginning.

  3. I picture him in a studio right now, churning out those beautiful songs.
    Wondering if there will be a song written for, and dedicated to his year of watching his son grow. Just experiencing that kind of love for a child, tends to make you even more of a soulful, heartfelt singer.
    How much more soulful, and heartfelt can Clay get?!! Hard to improve on perfection as it is. Thanks for the blog, and the reminders, and the ray of hope that the groundswell is starting back.
    A big ****Rasberry ***** to the naysayers who were so quick to blog that his career had sunk. You know who you are.

  4. It is so good to see that everyone is coming back and even voting in the polls. I vote…but, I am not a constant voter. I love the Tweeterwall Mall one. Looks like we are making good progress.

    It is so exciting to know that Clay is working on new songs. I hope he does write a song to watching his son grow. That just makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. Anyway, no matter what the music is I can’t wait for it. Hope there will also be a tour this Spring/Summer.

  5. I’ve always been a major supporter of voting in the polls. It keeps Clay’s name “out there” and lets the world know that Clay still has a horde of loving fans. Now it’s more important than ever that we all lend a hand voting on the more visible polls, such as those presented here. We want Decca to do everything in its power to promote Clay properly. What better way to encourage them than to let them see how many of us are standing behind our guy?

    Thanks, Musicfan, for a great post.

  6. Clay Aiken excitement–love it! This is only a taste of what is to come, woo-hoo!!
    I’m voting, cuz I stand by my man 🙂

  7. I am LOVING the excitement!!! Feels SO MUCH like them good old days LOL!!!!

    I’m voting on both sites, but am particularly enjoying the World Idol competition.


  8. Martygirl said “A big ****Rasberry ***** to the naysayers who were so quick to blog that his career had sunk. You know who you are.”

    I was looking for the right words to say this – she did it for me.

  9. I can feel the excitement growing in the Clay Aiken fandom, and we’re having fun again!! The best part is that Clay seems to have everything coming together at this time, too. Career, family, and relationships. No wonder he has that big smile.

  10. Martygirl and Sandi, count me in. The perfect words for me too. I am really enjoying voting on World Idol and TBWE and anything else where we can vote for Clay. Excitement is in the air, girls!

  11. The BUZZ has started. We’ve got to keep it buzzing til that new music hits the streets. Vote Vote Vote !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Voting, streaming and waiting for our guy. I can definitely feel the excitement on all the MB’s. Keep up the good work all.

  13. voting for Clay Aiken reminds me of the old TRL days… AH good old times, and good new times coming!

  14. Musicfan,

    This is indeed a wonderful time to be a Clay Aiken fan with his positive horizon and the heightened excitement among his Internet fans. It’s fun to be voting for our guy again!

    Have a great week!


  15. This back-to-voting has been so much fun. The Decca announcement has energized fans who are again feeling the excitement. All the fan boards are alive and active again. Its great.

  16. I am really enjoying voting. So much fun!!!
    And so happy to know that new music is coming!!!
    It’s a great feeling.

    Thanks CANN, Have a good night!

  17. I’ve noticed more excitement on the mb’s and more people logging in to check for news. There seems to be a renewed interest in voting in polls. Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for Clay.

  18. Yeah Musicfan,I agree with you.Claynation is definitely abuzz with excitement and activity since Clay signed with Decca.Most Clay sites have new articles every day and newcomers like me have such a nice time soaking in all the information and chatter going on… and the polls too…Nice to see Clay emerge winner in TBWE polls for August and hope the winning streak continues through September…

  19. I never used to believe in voting but now my fingers can’t stop and my brain keeps seeing numbers. I even have the calculator next to me to see the odds of winning or losing a poll. This is just to abate the excitment in me while waiting for 2010.

    The Claynation is excited….YES….we are….

    Clay is amazing and so are his mighty loyal fans!

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