Clay Aiken – Pictures of Success

Pictures tell so much more than words.  Today, lets just enjoy some wonderful sights!

And, the very best picture of the entire night!

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29 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Pictures of Success

  1. What an amazing evening. I had such a wonderful time! The Gala was so inspirational – what an amazing group of people, from the honorees to the individuals who made it all happen.

    Especially Diane Bubel and Clay Aiken. Who would have thought that a foundation set up for College credit would turn into the leader for the fight for inclusion.

    Wonderful pictures, wonderful event, wonderful man.


  2. Thank you for all these! For everyone who couldn't attend, these are such a blessing! And I'm sure an additional blessing for those who could. I'm glad the Inclusion Project is growing and prospering and we won the Christie Cookie Co award. Love the smile on Clay's face in #8 and #10! Love them all!! Thanks again!

  3. Clay Aiken – words cannot describe how proud I am of him. He is truly amazing and I'm proud to call myself a fan of this immensely compassionate and talented man.

  4. What a good looking man he has become! Clay Aiken has always used his voice to make a difference for people whose voices are seldom heard. His inclusion efforts are wonderful and the recent gala was a great evening of inspiration….was so happy to be a part of it.

  5. The National Inclusion Project has come so far after being founded by Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel. The 2009 Gala was a success again and the attendees were treated to a Clay Aiken mini concert.

  6. All those in Raleigh NC at the NIP gala were richly rewarded. Many heartwarming stories plus musical entertainment by Clay Aiken and others. Everyone enjoyed the performance by Patrick Hughes who has benefited from inclusion.

  7. I have loved hearing the music from Saturday's gala for the National Inclusion Project. Clay Aiken's rendition of Moon River was exquisite.

  8. Love that first picture! That shows a strong, determined man. We know he deeply believes in the purpose of the National Inclusion Project. Clay Aiken is a winner.

  9. This was a fabulous night for Clay Aiken and the NIP. I loved seeing the honorees, the live auction was fun to watch and Clay's performances were awesome, Moon River took me to another place and time.

  10. Wonderful pics! Thanks for posting them. I was there and had the time of my life. Can't wait til next year!

  11. I was at the Gala and Clay did not disappoint. It was an awesome evening. The strides the foundation have made wer so apparent. The evening was pure class & professionalism. Clay singing was icing on the cake!! Loved it!!

  12. Clay Aiken's foundation with Diane Bubel, raising money for kids……What a wonderful night….

    Clay and his family still carried on, even after only a few days of his Grandfather's passing away….I had it to the whole family that they carried on as planned…I'm sure it was a tough week….

    Lots of money was raised…and the Real Dedicated fans had a wonderful time..and finally got a chance to hear Clay sing….It's been so long since the surgery…and he is coming along nicely…..

    Way to go Clay….I am proud to be a Clay Aiken Fan…..


  13. Musicfan,

    Wonderful photo recap of last weekend's National Inclusion Project Gala! I especially love the last picture of Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel, and the Christie Cookie rep who presented them the $10,000 check!

    Thank you for your kind comments in the Carolina blog.


  14. I wish I could have gone to Clay Aiken's Gala this year. I can't believe how much the National Inclusion Project has grown over the last 6 years. A dream come to life.

  15. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. Clay Aiken and his National Inclusion Project have so much to be proud of. What a difference they have made in the lives of so many children.

  16. What a great night . I've missed hearing Clay sing. He is such a great interpreter of lyrics. I'm looking forward to next year.

  17. A Clay Aiken photo says a thousand words, and here are the best 10,000 words around!
    Clay is a wonderful man, the National Inclusion Project is a wonderful foundation.

  18. Thank you so much for posting these terrific pictures from the Gala. It sounds like a very successful night and I am so proud of Clay. He is such a fabulous example of someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk as well. Clay is not only a wonderful singer, but also has a heart filled with love for helping children. I feel very blessed to be a fan of this amazing man.

  19. Clay just quietly goes about his business doing his best to make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities. He's not out trying to shock people. Clay is class – all the way.

  20. These are wonderful photo's of a most successful Gala. I am very proud of Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel and the rest of the team of the National Inclusion Project. I especially like the first picture. He looks so regal and handsome. Kudo's to them for a very successful year.

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