Clay Aiken – “We Are The Champions”

The ClayNation is still celebrating the successful Champions Gala that was held in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 17, 2009.  The evening was a combination of love, pride, professionalism, compassion and wonderful music.

Did you realize that there have been seven Galas to honor the work of the BAF/NIP?  That in itself is a wonderful accomplishment.

Do you remember these events?   I thought a picture review might be fun.

Night of Champions – Kansas City – April 14, 2004

Voices of Change – Los Angeles – November 19, 2004

Voices of Change – Hawaii – February 25, 2005

Voices For Change – Florida – April 16, 2005

Champions of Change – Raleigh – March 31, 2007

Champions of Change – Raleigh – October 18, 2008

Champions Gala – Raleigh – October 17, 2009

Pretty amazing isn’t it?  It’s like a mini-history.  Do you remember these events?  Well, if not, I’m sorry.  The details are for another day.

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “We Are The Champions”

  1. Yes..I remember all these events of Clay Aiken….

    I've never been fortunate enough to be there in person…but it is a goal of mine to be there next year….

    I remember the ones from Hawaii especially, cause I think that was the first time that we saw Clay put his hands through his hair…and we all went crazy for it….hahahahahaha

    I know the one event prior to that, with his glasses on…he was really sick, but the trooper he is..he always keeps going….

    Thanks for bringing all these wonderful events for us to see again Musicfan… Like his Mother says…He's always been a great Humanitarian…we all know that… We sure do…..


  2. I love seeing the changes over the years. From a sweet boy to a luscious man. Thanks for the pics….they are great.

  3. Seeing those pictures makes me more determined than ever to be at the gala next year. I heard such good things about it this year from my RI friends who went.
    I am just so proud of Clay Aiken!

  4. Yes, I remember all of these Gala's. I love the pictures, it shows how much he has matured. Wow, he was such a young guy back then…and he has turned into a gorgeous man now.

    I especially remember the Hawaii Gala. It was so much fun tuning in to the TV System and trying to catch Clay on the Beach. Also, will never forget his running his hand through his hair. Gosh, we had gifs up of that and everything. Fun Times!

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