Clay Aiken – Simply Amazing

Sometimes what you have been looking for is right in front of you.  That’s what I realized today when I was asked about Clay Aiken and his singing.

I had the opportunity to chat with a friend today who I haven’t talked to for a long time.  She was perplexed when I shared my enthusiasm of Clay Aiken and his singing.  As a professional musician, she shared that she had never watched American Idol and knew very little about any of the contestants.  She asked me why???  Why did I start following the career of Clay Aiken?

Words just didn’t help her understand so,  I looked right on the computer screen and sent her the following YouTubes.   Within the hour, she called me back.  Surprise……….she understood.  She also wanted to know if all the contestants were that exciting? “No,” I said.  “Nobody else even comes close.”


Bridge Over Troubled Waters


To Love Somebody


Just a quick reminder to join in the celebration on October 30 -31.  These are the two days set aside to Trick or Treat for the National Inclusion Project

The Trick:  Getting enough unique donations

The Treat:  A camp for all kids!!

So,  invite all your friends to the party.  Every donation helps!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Simply Amazing

  1. I love these two interpretations you posted. I think if more people could listen to sing Clay Aiken. Words would not be needed so that they understood that Clay Aiken is unique.

  2. Yeah to your friend for listening and understanding the beauty of Clay Aiken singing–and you for giving her the opportunity to listen.
    Love your choice of videos!

  3. Well, what can I say…back in May I saw Clay on 30 Rock and took interest. :o) Went on YouTube and the second I heard him singing those deep low notes in Bridge, I was smitten. So indeed, this performance is a great way to get new Clay fans. ;o)
    Clay may not sing my type of music but his voice is so very special, I don't really mind… x

  4. Clay's gift of singing just pulls you right in and his heart just holds you there! These are 2 of my favorites. Glad your friend listened and loved him! Thank you for treating us again to these wonderful memories! MAE

  5. Clay certainly has the gift of singing. You only have to listen once, as I well know, and you're a goner. To Love Somebody is a stunner, and if you look at those stunning eyes as he's singing..well, it's just amazing. What a voice in Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Wow! Thank you so much for these video's, because I never get tired of listening to Clay. Also, I could see how your friend would feel the same.

  6. Thanks for the great blog and for spreading the word about the Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project. Clay Aiken is an inspiration to many!

  7. Great choices to introduce your friend to Clay Aiken and his amazing voice!!
    I'll bet in no time she'll be requesting more!

  8. As many of us have learned, we came for the voice and stayed for the man. Clay Aiken was indeed gifted with a wonderful voice but he also has a huge heart. I think that comes across as he sings. He is captivating. Glad someone new noticed it as well!

  9. This comment came from a friend who doesn't know Clay, after she checked out the BOTW video in the office.

    "ok, I checked Clay…he has an amazing voice and intense interpretation talent. his soul seems to transpire through his voice…now my entire office is tuning in…:):):)"

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