Clay Aiken – The Voice That Brings People Together

Seven years ago, most Clay fans had never checked out an internet fan site or posted on a message board.  Little did we know that doing so would forever change out lives.

Total strangers who shared a common interest  now are life long friends.

I am, at this moment, sitting in a small restaurant in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with two of my dearest Clay friends.  We are spending a few days together before heading to Raleigh for the Gala.  The three of us met via the internet over 5 years ago on a popular Clay fan site.  Through the years, we became close as we shared our passion for one very special young man.

We have become like a second family to each other, sharing the ups and downs of our lives.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy numerous Clay concerts and events together.  I will always remember our group of 8, enjoying dessert at Sardie’s last year and waiting anxiously together in the handshake line in Asheville two years ago.

Our story is not unique as I am sure that many of you have developed similar friendships as well.  What is your favorite memory with your second family?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Voice That Brings People Together

  1. A short message but beautiful and moving.
    I have not had the opportunity to meet Clay or meet any fans. But I made friends sincere and sweet through Clay forums even though I do not speak English.
    I've always said that one of the best things about Clay are their Fans.
    I love your message. I'm sure you'll enjoy the gala along with the other fans, again congratulations and thanks for this blog.


  2. All of my Clay adventures to date have been with family members!! But I still feel connected to my Clay family through my daily visits to Clay boards!!! The members of the fanclubs are some of the best friends I've never met!! Can't wait to hear about the Gala. Good times + good friends + Clay Aiken in the same room … can't beat that combination!! Have a great time and report back soon!

  3. I loved meeting people for the first time when I saw Spamalot. I recognized faces in the crowd from the message boards but to meet everyone was awesome. A couple of those people have become close friends. I'm sure there are many stories people can tell about their Clay family.

  4. I’m new to the “family”, have not met anyone in person but have enjoyed the cyber company of tireless voters and endless chats… Looking forward to the Toronto Cluncheon in Nov!


  5. Yes. I have me so many wonderful Clay fans over the years. Another fan and I have became close friends and traveling companions after meeting while waiting overnight for tickets for the Allegan State Fair concert during Solo Tour. We have so many touching and funny experiences in our Clay history.
    Long live the Clay Nation!

  6. Hi All………I am in the Outer Banks and arrive in Raleigh tomorrow.

    Wi-Fi is spotty. I am now in the library, using their computer.

    I hope you will stay tuned here tomorrow as I will try to post pictures and videos……AND…….you all can chat there too.

  7. Most of my Concert outings have been with family…but, there are so many nice Clay fans on the boards. I enjoy being a fan of Clay Aiken very much. Never made it to Spamalot…but have enjoyed several Christmas tours, the Jukebox Tour, and the last tour in Orlando.

  8. YES……I'M ONE OF THE GROUP OF 8….Yes…Spamalot….Sardi's for coffee and cheesecake…such wonderful memories with dear friends….. I see lots of you here….
    Anna…It will be my pleasure to finally meet you at the Toronto Cluncheon in Nov.
    Claysweetea…we think a lot alike!!!!! Musicfan…friends for years now…and all the names I have seen many times on the boards….THIS IS WONDERFUL…We really have a connection….and that is Clay….. This has been the best nearly 7 years of my life…I have enjoyed these years so much…..

    Everyone that is there…HAVE A BLAST……ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!! SAVOUR IT!!!!!!!

    I can't wait for tomorrow nite…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  9. I know you will all have a wonderful time and I'm there with you in mind if not in body.

    Looking forward to your pics, videos and recaps so we can live vicariously through you, Sue and all the other lucky ladies who will be in our guy's presence tomorrow. Can you say jealous?

  10. I have met many wonderful people through being a Clay Aiken fan. It is wonderful to go to concerts and see people you have not seen in awhile. We are like a family; we laugh , cry together and support Clay. I don't know of any other celebrity to have fans that have made such close connections as Clay Aiken fans. I love it!

  11. Can I say how I envy you lucky people who can attend the Gala???You can bet I will be online to catch any videos or news.If any of you lucky lucky ones do get to meet Clay,please send him our wishes and love from Malaysia and let him know that we are waiting for his new CD…Hugs to Clay and all Claynation…

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