Clay Aiken – Adjusting To The Times

It looks like Clay Aiken signed with a leading company that is  innovative and  adjusts to the times.  Decca/Universal Music Group is at it again.

On November 4, 2009, Universal Music Group and Serato Audio Research announced an innovative, global and secure digital distribution service to be used by DJs.  It is entitled  Serato Audion Research has been recognized as the market leader in its field since 1999.

The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network allows DJs to receive fresh releases at no charge and play them to crowds within moments of downloading them, bringing back the meaning “for promotional use only”. serves to resurrect the link between promo people and the professional DJ.

Over the past year, Universal and Serato ran a pre-launch trial.  During this time, the service successfully delivered 2.5 million tracks to over 40,000 DJs worldwide.  This is the first collaboration in this field between a major recording company and a service that is specifically designed for DJs.

Vincent Freda is the Executive Vice President of Digital Logistics for Universal Music.  His comments about the program were very interesting.

“Serato is setting the standard for professional DJs that are breaking hits on the radio and in top clubs.  Using their service, we can reach the DJ directly and quickly with new music. is more efficient than sending vinyl records and more secure than delivering conventional audio files over the internet.”

General Manager of Serato, Sam Gribben seemed impressed with the partnership.  He said:

“We developed the service with imput from Universal that was completely invaluable.  They have so much experience with music distribution and helped us figure out the essentials for all labels, no matter how big or small.  In turn, we were able to provide them with the security of our Whitelabel audio files to ensure that music could not be leaked or distributed illegally.” will provide a direct relationship between record companies and performing DJs.  This will allow the DJs the ability to reignite the tradition of breaking new music in clubs. will also provide record labels with important statistics and feedback on new music as it is introduced to DJs.  It will allow Universal Music and irs record labels to analyze the amount of previews and downloads.  It will provide a dedicated feedback forum for each release.

Decca Records is an important label for Universal Music Group.  Since Clay Aiken announced that he had signed with Decca, it has been interesting following all the new, innovative business partnerships that have been formed with Universal Music Group.  It is obvious that this company is looking towards the future and making changes that fit the times.  The world of digital music is the way of the future.  It is good to see that Clay is signed with a company that is a leader in its field.

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  1. Great article. Seems that Universal Music is innovate in their thinking and promotion.

    I am excited to see what will happen when Clay's new music comes out…. We have learned so much from these articles about the music industry… Thanks again CANN. It sure will be interesting to see what Decca comes up with in promoting Clay Aiken.


  2. Back For More was one of my favorite songs Clay sang on tour. Why it never made it on his CD, all I can surmise is that RCA wanted him to do covers, hence ATDW. People who haven't heard Clay in concert would beleive that Clay only sings ballands….he can really rock out . Unfortuately RCA wanted to put Clay in a niche. I hope DECCA lets him rock out and show people he is not a one dimentional singer. Too many ballands lead to a snooze fest, no matter how well they are song. Clay has the chops and needs to breack out of singing only ballands.

  3. It is great to get alll this information about Decca/Universal. I can't wait to hear more about what Clay will be doing. Seems like he made a good choice.

  4. Another great article. You always get some great information for us to read.

    It certainly seems that Clay made the correct choice to sign with Decca/Universal. I can't wait to see what happens.

  5. Thanks for your interesting articles on Universal..Decca. They seem to have some very good idea's for promotion. We need to break out of the old mold..what they have planned sounds like it might work.

    Can't wait to see what transpires when Clay 's new cd is ready to be distributed. I am sure he will get good promotion and will do just fine. After all, he is a great singer and entertainer.

  6. Thanks for another informative article. I'd be dumb as a post if it wasn't for the great footwork you do at CANN. Thanks again for helping me keep up with the industry.

  7. Clay's partnership with Decca is awesome. They are super at promoting their artists, something we know was really missing in the past!

    Love those two words at the top of the page "HE BLOGGED" !!!

  8. I love CANN!

    You guys do an awesome job! Love my emails every single day for all the news!

    Thank you!

  9. I like reading that Universal Music is in the forefront of the changes in the music business. Clay made a wise decision to sign with Decca. It sounds like they will support him in all ways!

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