Clay Aiken – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.”  At least it was on November 18, 2006 when Clay Aiken helped light the UNICEF Snowflake in New York.

It was a cold and windy night, but a crowd of about 250 people gathered to mark the beginning of the holiday season.  Clay was joined by NBA legend Darryl Dawkins for the lighting of the UNICEF snowflake.  Each year, the snowflake decorates the holiday sky in New York.  The UNICEF Snowflake has become an  fixture in New York City during the holiday season. It was handcrafted by German lighting designer Ingo Maurer and is adorned with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms. At 23 feet in diameter, over 28 feet in height and weighing 3,300 pounds, the UNICEF Snowflake is the largest outdoor chandelier of its kind.  The UNICEF Snowflake is always illuminated for the entire holiday season.

The UNICEF Snowflake is a special symbol for the world’s most vulnerable children. It is a reminder of UNICEF’s commitment to reach a day when zero children die from preventable causes.

The Brooklyn Youth Chorus entertained that night with holiday carols before Clay Aiken came onto the stage. He was also joined by three young teen aged girls who were the winners of the UNICEF holiday card contest.

Clay gave an impassioned speech about his experiences with UNICEF and joked with the young people on stage.  The crowd was supportive and seemed to enjoy the event.

The videos below show Clay’s speech from that evening.  He was articulate and seemed so at ease.

A little Clay tease


Speech  Part 1


Speech  Part 2


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  1. It was cool seeing these clips again…..

    Clay Aiken truly belongs on stage…he just does…He loves to chat…joke around, but when he needs to be serious…he is all that… As much as Clay belongs on stage…it's just so obvious to see that his heart will always be for the well being of all children. It is who he is…and I could not be more proud of this young man.

    Well..that started my day off just thank you musicfan. That was fun to see.


  2. Can you imagin how excited those young girls were to be on stage with THE Clay Aiken. OMG!!!! I would be all giddy and silly being that close to him. Great articulate speech.

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEE!! That is one of my favorite looks for Clay.

    Many thanks for the videos. Clay was really wonderful that night.

  4. It's beginning to SOUND a lot like Christmas at my house. An iPod full of Clay Aiken Christmas music is the best company!

  5. How wonderful to hear him speak. Never saw those videos before—had seen only still pictures from that event. He looked just wonderful and was so at ease as he always is. The man speaks from his heart–how lucky UNICEF is to have Clay Aiken as an ambassador.

  6. It was wonderful to hear Clay speak. He is passionate about helping children.

    I loved seeing how much fun he was having with the kids and the crowd. He was teacher Clay but also fun Clay.

  7. WOW……..that snowflake must be beautiful. I would love to see it, especially if Clay was there.

    Thanks for the info and the videos. It looked cold, but Clay was HAWT!!

  8. Musicfan,

    Great seeing the Clay Aiken-UNICEF Snowflake videos again! For sure, it's beginning to look — and especially sound — like Christmas!

    Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my "find." Have a super week!


  9. So good to see the Snowflake Video again. It was very cold and windy that night….but, Clay was Hawt so that helped a lot. Love the long hair. He is just so special when he is talking about Unicef. When Clay talks….everybody listens!

  10. That was such a fun time and Clay looked great!! Thanks for always helping us relive the wonderful memories!!

  11. What wonderful memories of Clay and the UNICEF snowflake lighting in NYC! Clay warms my heart.

  12. It's hard to believe that it has already been three years since the snowflake lighting. Thanks so much for posting the video. One of my favorite Clay looks ever.

  13. The UNICEF Snowflake Lighting was so cool. Never had seen it before. So glad Clay Aiken was there!!

  14. I loved watching these videos again. I love how Clay looked that night and how he inacted with the children there. From the first time I heard Clay sing a Christmas song, I have absolutely fell in love with every Christmas song he has sung. I also made it a tradition to go to his Christmas concerts. I hope he does one next year. Thanks for bringing up these great memories.

  15. I had no idea the Unicef snowflake was that large. I never did get a chance to watch the videos back in 2006. (Computer troubles at the time) Thank you for reposting. Will go watch them now!

  16. Those videos are so good. I also have Merry C'mas With Love playing in my car AND my apt. 24/7…..I love Clay Aiken and I love the CD.

  17. That was great watching those videos again. It brought back fond memories of Clay Aiken at the UNICEF snowflake lighting.

  18. I'm so proud of Clay for his involvement with UNICEF. I love the photos we have from this event of Clay holding a young girl.

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